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Riccardo Lavezzo Exclusive Wedding Films

“To achieve originality in shooting, never stop challenging yourself.” - Riccardo Lavezzo.

Riccardo Lavezzo is the founding member of Riccardo Lavezzo Exclusive Wedding Films. He works with his partner, Alberto, and a variety of skilled filmmakers to make a total team of six. This creative group is made up of talented filmmakers who have work experience in the film and TV industries and have trained in photography and cinematography at various educational institutes around the world. 

The studio was opened in 2007 and has continued to grow and flourish ever since. Riccardo is continually searching for new shooting methods; he looks to the most innovative technologies and the evolution of style for inspiration. The team shoots their cinema reportage videos using such hi-tech equipment as HD cameras, Steadicams, sliders, 3mt cranes, camera-car and water cameras. They also offer a variety of extra services, such as aerial photography and video shots using a remote-controlled drone. With these extras, they can obtain unique images of rare beauty from a genuinely privileged viewpoint.

Riccardo Lavezzo Exclusive Wedding Films

The filmmakers of Riccardo Lavezzo Studio aim to capture the spontaneity and naturalness of what is happening in front of the camera. They never ask the wedding couple and guests to take part in staged scenes -- so are never intrusive on a couple's special day -- in all likeliness, the couple and guests may not even notice their presence at all. The team have experience in different traditions and religious faiths and always work as discreetly as possible. They operate with respect for the features of every kind of ceremony, using their skills and a wide range of equipment to capture those unforgettable and unique moments that make every wedding special. 

The wealth of footage obtained on the day will go through detailed post-production work on every single image of footage. This footage will then be used to create a film of 15-20 minutes long that perfectly sums up the whole day in a mixture of lights, colours, music, and sounds that fully involves the viewer. In addition to the final edited film, couples will receive the complete footage of the entire day. The wedding couple will be invited to watch a preview of their movie in the studio on a high-definition big screen. For couples who are not local to the studio, a private web-page will be created so they can preview their film from the comfort of home. When the final film is complete and approved, Riccardo Lavezzo Exclusive Wedding Films will deliver the wedding film on DVD, Blu-ray Disc or USB storage in high resolution.

The team has experience of shooting in some of Italy and Europe’s most beautiful areas. They are able to offer services in locations all over Italy and abroad, adding only travel and accommodation expenses.


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