2020 wedding trend predictions
2020 wedding trend predictions

2020 wedding trends

The arrival of 2020 brings a whole new host of wedding trends and influences. Over the years we’ve seen wedding trends change, evolve and become ever more personal and individual. The traditional white wedding seems less traditional each year, so what can we look forward to seeing in weddings this year? I’ve chosen my top five wedding trend predictions for 2020… let’s see if I’m right!

1. Focus on food

With the growing concerns over climate, weddings are becoming ever more sustainable. Diets are leaning more towards plant-based foods and weddings are bound to head the same way. Couples are concerned with creating a day that doesn’t harm the environment, and that leaves no footprint. I think we’ll start to see a more diverse choice of dishes, not just because vegetarian and vegan food is more environmentally friendly, but because the choices are so much more extensive and delicious. Instead of a vegetarian option, guests will be able to enjoy the same menu. I also think that food will continue to be a major part of the day, with eating ‘experiences’ increasing and wedding breakfasts becoming a more luxury affair, akin to that of a restaurant. Sharing mains, tasting menus and deluxe desserts all point to a long and lazy meal instead of the standard three course template. Couples want a bespoke eating experience that is relaxed and indulgent.

2020 wedding trend predictions
Delicious, conscious food

2. Touch that texture

For a completely luxurious wedding, all of the five senses will be amazed, and touch plays a major part in that. This year, I think we’ll see an increase in tactile fabrics, whether that’s velvet table runners or hessian bouquet ties, as well as papery, tall grasses and soft long ostrich feathers to decorate. Décor will be there to be touched, walked through, brushed past; and stationery as well. How about a mossy invitation box? Or a pressed flower parchment? Haptic (touchable) wedding features promote the sense of touch, connection and love – perfect for a wedding!

2020 wedding trend predictions
Texture and touch

3. Local, seasonal, fresh flowers

Following the climate trend, flowers are also under the spotlight. Brides in 2020 will be looking for the expertise of a local florist to advise on the flowers in season at the time of their wedding. Bouquets will be sourced locally, using seasonal blooms, and if they can be cut from wildflower meadows, all the better! Some couples are planning ahead and growing their own flowers and plants to use for their decor and centrepieces. Fresh pots of herbs and lavender create the most amazing fragrance. We may also see intentional venue choices to make the most of their living florals – walled gardens or wildflower meadows that can have pathways cut at the right time (and the flowers used elsewhere in the venue) offer an amazing décor without any wastage.

2020 wedding trend predictions
Wildlflowers and local flowers (Image L – Daniel Lightening)

4. All the dresses

A growing trend is an outfit change halfway through the day, to take brides from a more formal ceremony to a relaxed wedding breakfast and then a free flowing reception and dance. I think we’ll see a lot more of this, with Ellie Goulding choosing four outfits and Meghan Markle’s dazzling costume change, a change of dress is becoming more mainstream. A great way to do this is with separates, so if you’ve found the bodice of your dreams, you can simply change up your outfit with your choice of ballgown, sheath or A line skirt for the ceremony – and choose an overskirt as well if you wish – then switch it for the sit down meal, and again for the dancing – tuxedo trousers, beaded hemlines, layered lace – all your bridal wishes can come true, without having to settle for just one dress. Accessorise with a tulle shoulder cape or streamers, veil and headband – the whole outfit is completely changeable and totally up to you!

2020 wedding trend predictions
Separates – Monique Lhuillier

5. Flower storm

Another floral trend will see flowers raised up into the air in flower clouds and hanging installations. Suspended so they look like they’re floating, soft fronds and blooms will combine to match the table centrepieces and runners, connecting the two and almost looking like a storm of florals. This will support the texture trend mentioned earlier, as well as providing a dramatic floral display that will combine with statement styling and individuality. With so much going on up there, centrepieces will stay low, so you can actually chat across the banquet table without dodging the extreme topiary or jutting branches!

2020 wedding trend predictions
Flower clouds

Are you planning any of the trends above for your 2020 wedding? Head over to our wedding planning pages for more inspiration.