5 honeymoon destinations worth waiting for in 2021

If your 2020 wedding and honeymoon of a lifetime has been cancelled, don’t despair. In this article, Robbie Fowle, from travel money experts H&T, explains why the delay might be good news and what destinations look hot for 2021.

Despite a positive start, 2020 has proven to be problematic for those planning to get married. With all gatherings, including weddings, currently banned, the chances of getting hitched at some point this year look uncertain for many couples.

5 honeymoon destinations worth waiting for in 2021
5 honeymoon destinations worth waiting for in 2021

But, don’t completely lose hope! A postponement of your plans doesn’t have to be entirely negative. In fact, you could be in line to benefit, with more time to save up, and even the potential to make some savings on your trip. Here are some tips to help your cash go further plus a round-up of the hot honeymoon destinations for 2021.

Make your money go further

  1. Look for some bargains: COVID-19 has left the travel industry in turmoil and many companies are looking to secure your business for 2021 by offering some great deals. Just take care that any bookings you make are much further down the line to avoid having to cancel again.
  2. Make use of the extra saving time: As you turn your sights towards next year, it’s important to remember that you will have another year to save up for an upgraded honeymoon. After all, it’s the least you deserve after the stress of 2020.
  3. Exercise caution with travel money: The pound is very weak at the moment and the market is in flux, so it’s not a good time to buy travel money. Be cautious and be prepared to wait to get your cash — try buying in small amounts over time to reduce the risk of losing value.

The hottest honeymoon destinations for 2021

With more cash saved up for next year’s wedding extravaganza, you might be able to jet off to one of the best destinations in the world — here are my top five picks.

5 honeymoon destinations worth waiting for in 2021
5 honeymoon destinations worth waiting for in 2021


The Maldives are the ultimate luxury destination for those looking for total relaxation. So, if you can already see yourself lounging on a pristine beach with a cocktail in your hand and crystal-clear water lapping at your feet, then look no further! There is also a world class snorkelling and scuba diving industry for those that wish to experience a slice of the life aquatic. For less tourists but a little more rain, visit in May–July or September–November to find cheaper prices.


If you want to head to the Caribbean, why not take a trip to Cuba? You’ll find gorgeous beach resorts and coastline to enjoy, but the real gem is taking a trip the island’s capital, Havana. Among the aged old town and restored 1950s cars, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time in this city, then you can discover the famous nightlife as you tango the night away. Travel in the quiet seasons of April–June or September–October to get the best deals on your trip.


Want a holiday where you can alternate from beach days to adventure days? Look no further than the island of Mauritius, where you can relax on the picture-perfect shores one moment but then switch things up to explore the many natural treasures on offer, such as coral reefs, volcanoes, and waterfalls. The cheapest time to visit is from September–November, when there is still plenty of sun to soak up, but less tourists tramping around.


Should the Lion King be your favourite Disney film, then you’ll love a honeymoon in Tanzania. Here, you can mix soaking up the sun on the coast with a safari trip inland, where you will see some of the world’s most amazing creatures in their natural habitat. I’d advise making this once in a lifetime trip in the summer months —July–August — to see the famous migration of the wildebeest across the Masai Mara. You can also visit watering holes, where you’re almost certain to see a range of animals.


Bali, an island in Indonesia, is famous for its amazing beach life, natural beauty, and fantastic surfing scene, all of which makes it a great choice for the honeymoon of a lifetime. There are also a lot of cultural sites to explore, including serene temples and exciting museums. If you want to save money, I’d recommend travelling between January–June or September–October to avoid the busy summer months when the region is busy with tourists and backpackers and hotels have their premium prices.

Now that 2020 is, essentially, cancelled due to COVID-19, it’s worth planning a 2021 honeymoon you’ll never forget. Follow my tips and you can potentially upgrade your experience for the better