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Fortnum & Mason Coravin Model Two Elite Red Wine System


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Magically pour wine without ever pulling a bottle’s cork again. Using the latest technology and a passion for innovation, Coravin have created this Model Two Elite Red Wine System. This pushes a single needle through a wine cork so that a glass can be poured without ever spoiling the bottle. Once the Coravin system is removed, the cork reseals itself and the bottle can go back on the shelf to be enjoyed again in days, months and even years to come. Directions for use1. Select a fine to taste.2. Press the top trigger to purge the Argon gas and push the needle all the way down the cork.3. Tilt the bottle into a pouring position whilst pressing and releasing the trigger to pour the wine into the glass. Repeat when the flow slows or stops.4. Return to upright position. 5. Finally, withdraw the needle and let the cork reseal itself so the wine can be enjoyed again in future.

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