For The Groom & His Boys
It’s all about the bride… But now the groom is stepping out with new and improved luxury fashion & style ideas. We have everything the groom needs to know to get that celebrity look. Standing next to your stunning bride in a black-tie or if the style is more casual, we’ve got some great style ideas for you to enjoy.

The Quick & Easy Guide To Wedding Menswear

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Want to look good next to your wife on your wedding day? Don't want to spend months looking through shops and magazines to find a decent suit? Welcome to the quickest and easiest guide to 2016 wedding menswear you'll ever read!

Strong. Feminine. Chloé


One of the most iconic brands of the 60s and 70s, Chloé was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, who, having married her childhood sweetheart, embraced her second love, designing a small collection of elegant, yet relaxed pieces.

Navigating The Minefield Of Gifting

2017-11-22T22:50:33+00:00May 18th, 2017|FASHION AND THE GROOM, WEDDING ACCESSORIES, Wedding Gift List, WEDDING STYLE & THEMES|

Buying wedding gifts are tricky aren’t they? If we’re being honest, there is no such thing as a prototypical wedding gift as there are so many different events of celebration, gratitude and appreciation within the wedding itself.

The Top 10 Celebrities That Pull Off Wearing a Suit With Ease

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A suit has the magical quality to transform its wearer into a gentleman, a man of style and class. A well-fitted suit should be a staple in any man's closet. Here are ten celebrity men that caught much more than a second glance in their suits: