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Luxury Wedding favours

BeeARTisan’s exclusive favour ranges are intended to withstand time with elegance and beauty. Art, innovation and sharing preciousness are at the very core of their source of inspiration hence new creations never cease to captivate and leave an evocative stamp of style. All of their ever expanding ranges, are its exclusive, very own concepts
Romantic Facebook fans can now propose digitally with the launch of a Love Hearts app which allows couples to send loving messages on Valentine’s Day.
Following the huge success of the 2011 Cancer Research UK Wedding Favours collection by luxury wedding dress designer Jenny Packham, Cancer Research UK and Jenny Packham are thrilled to be collaborating once more with the launch of an exclusive...
Every bride is always looking for inspiration, looking for fresh ideas, searching for that elusive Eureka! that will make her wedding stand out from the crowd, be truly individual and show her family, guests, and husband-to-be..
Unique Wedding Favour And Gift Ideas brings together all those unique, beautiful and amazing items that you only tend to stumble upon once in a blue moon; hidden away somewhere at an urban market, or a country fair, or in a tiny village lane.
Kimberley creates stunning designs for your most special day as well as bespoke wedding and engagement rings designed to your specifications to make them extra special for your wedding.Inspired by floral organic forms, Kimberleys beautiful designs are enhanced with...
Bridesmaid’s gifts are notoriously difficult to choose but very important to get absolutely right. No doubt you will want to find something very special to thank your bridesmaids and little flower girls for their help and support on your...
Naturally beautiful wedding candles - Luxury Candles For Weddings - Candles are an enchanting way to create ambience for your venue that adds class & elegance to the occasion.  Alesia Barry has an inspiring collection of wedding candles, Exquisitely embellished with Swarovski Crystals.
The Eco Wedding and Green Wedding Ceremony is becoming a byword more and more these days, what with the concern over global warming and the melting
Sweet idea to keep your wedding guests entertained? - Sweet idea by Amy Atlas's candy buffet is nothing short of a feast for the eyes. Normally set out after the main wedding breakfast, this will put a smiles

Eco Friendly Wedding Favours

The end for a 1,200 year old Oak? One of Britain's oldest Oaks known as the Great Oak and growing near Wrexham may be nearing its end. This winter’s extreme weather conditions has allowed ice to enter the tree and...
We got the word ‘confetti’ from the tradition of giving the Italian wedding favors to guests, symbolizing the bitter-sweet union of marriage. Italy is synonymous with romance, with famous literary lovers such as Romeo and Juliet heralding from the Italian city of Verona and Casanova’s reputation as a charmer of women.