COVID-19 & YOUR WEDDING: Will Coronavirus Affect My Wedding?

Forewarned is forearmed, so here’s a little advice on some of the top questions we’ve come across.

If there’s one hot topic at the moment then it’s got to be coronavirus also know as COVID-19. Having impacted the entire world, it’s understandable to be concerned about how it may impact your wedding, at home or abroad. Forewarned is forearmed, so here’s a little advice on some of the top questions we’ve come across.

  1. I’ve booked a destination wedding – will I have to cancel it?

It’s easy to panic and look at the single objective of getting married on the day you’d planned and exactly where you’d planned to do it. Just stop for a moment and consider a few things – there are certain travel restrictions and bans in place currently, and even if the country isn’t under quarantine or locked down, you’ll still have to get through airports and aeroplanes, as will your guests… or will they? You may find that even if you’re happy to travel, a lot of your guests won’t be.

Take advice from the governments at home and abroad and look at that insurance you took out at the beginning – consider maybe postponing until things settle. It’s understandable to be upset or think about all the planning that’s gone in, but it’s not wasted.

If your heart is set on a destination wedding, delay it until it’s safe. If you’re determined to tie the knot this year, why not consider a wedding at home? Unless public gatherings are banned, weddings will still be held in some stunning venues across the country. If you’re happy to fly, your destination is still safe and your guests are up for it – there’s nothing to stop you going ahead with it. Just be aware that the situation may change right up until the last minute.

COVID-19 & YOUR WEDDING: Will Coronavirus Affect My Wedding?
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  1. I’m getting married in the UK, but what about my honeymoon?

Do your research. If you’d planned a tour of Italy, it may not be looking so great for you, but things are changing daily, so talk to your travel agent and airline, and see what your options are. There could be some alternatives that will mean you still have a beautiful honeymoon.

The other option is to delay it. Like I said, the situation is changing daily, and with the peak of the disruption in the UK currently predicted for May/June time, you may want to wait to see the actual impact. You could always plan a short break in the UK and postpone the trip abroad until it’s a less stressful time! Plenty of couples choose this option already, opting for a short luxury weekend away and a more indulgent getaway at a later date.

Top tips: How will coronavirus affect my wedding?
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  1. What about my dress?

A lot of fabrics are sourced from China, so there may well be issues with production. However some brands will have plenty of existing materials, and some will source from other places. Unless your entire dress is being shipped around the world to you, there are plenty of options. Make sure you keep in touch with the boutique or designer and have an honest discussion about dates. Keep in mind some alternative options and discuss this with the boutique. Give yourself plenty of time so you’re not worrying about your dress too close to the big day.

Coronavirus: How Will COVID-19 Affect My Wedding?
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  1. Will my UK wedding still go ahead?

At the moment, advice is not to cancel public gatherings, so currently weddings are still going ahead as normal. Practise good hygiene – maybe add some hand washing advice cards to your stationery order! And follow all the guidance given by the NHS and WHO. Of course, it is up to your guests if they decide to attend or not. Each will have their own decision to make, so try not to place pressure on those who are unsure.

It’s definitely a good idea to consider the elderly or those people with underlying health conditions, who may be more at risk of becoming severely unwell with the virus. Look at how prevalent the virus is in the region and try not to be too upset if people decide not to attend. Remember, they’ll be just as upset at missing your big day. It seems that the virus doesn’t spread so much outside, so if you’ve planned a garden wedding, you should be ok!

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  1. What happens if some of my suppliers can’t make it?

It may be the case that some suppliers are not able to fulfil your order – if staff are unwell or supplies are delayed, it could have an impact on your day. Be prepared for this and have a back-up plan – and a back-up plan for your back-up plan! There is always going to be a different supplier who can step in and save the day. Research local suppliers to your venue and make sure you have their contact details for short notice calls as well. Décor, flowers, entertainment… if you have a wedding planner, they’ll be able to source back-ups for all eventualities.

Top tips: How will coronavirus affect my wedding?
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The best advice we can give is don’t panic! There are still so many unknowns, so keep planning, keep getting excited and take each day and the decisions it brings at a time. There really are no right and wrong choices – as long as the two of you are happy and not stressed, things are going to be fine!

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