Vintage china set in a beautiful english garden

“England’s green and pleasant land” these words by William Blake came to mind when Ruby with RosesRuby with Roses received a request to supply vintage china for a wedding at Hidcote Manor. The manor set in the Cotswolds, now belonging to the National Trust, has one of England’s greatest gardens. What better place to hold a wedding and for Ruby with Roses to have the opportunity to display their beautiful vintage china in a garden of such distinction.

Vintage Wedding Styling

Ruby with Roses were confident that their vintage china was perfect to complete the truly romantic setting. Pink and green patterned china was used with the addition of pastel shades to enhance the theme of the wedding. Visitors to Hidcote exploring the gardens were very complementary, expressing delight in the selection of china. Many admired the pretty cake stands adorned with sweet canapés and the gorgeous colours of the cups and saucers resulting in many enquiries for future events for Ruby with Roses.

Image courtesy of Ruby with Roses

Vintage china was set onto white linen covered tables on a beautifully lush lawn sheltered by a magnificent tree. This really was an extra special tea on the lawn, and Ruby with Roses was pleased to have played their part in achieving the quintessential English look so desired by today’s brides.

Everyone loves a wedding, and a beautiful bride. The piper played, the Morris dancers performed, and the sun shone. The odd rain shower appeared every now and again but no one seemed to mind. – There you are that’s very English too.