1. Italy

When you wake up on your wedding day, there’s a refreshing Mediterranean breeze floating through the window, carrying the scent of lemon groves and the best coffee in the world with it through your window, while the early morning sun scatters golden yellow light over a vineyard – or medieval castle, or lakeside resort, or perhaps an iconic canal. You are in Italy, the most romantic country on earth, about to marry the love of your life.

With the right guidance and resources, planning a wedding in Italy has the potential to be the most wonderful experience of your life. There are obstacles that one would not encounter planning a wedding at home, but they can easily be overcome with some insider knowledge and some recommended suppliers. There are so many appealing features of a wedding in Italy; good weather, a holiday of a lifetime, an extra long honeymoon, and a chance to transport your nearest and dearest to Europe’s cultural, historical, and romantic heart for the best day of your life – and it is so worth it.

Trust 5 Star Wedding Directory to provide you with all the best luxury suppliers to help you create your dream Italian wedding, from planners (frankly, essential when planning a wedding abroad) to the finest details for the big day. Did you know it’s bad luck to wear any gold except your wedding ring on your wedding day in Italy? Did you know it’s traditional for the Italian bride to tear her garter to pieces? Or that the traditional Italian toast to newlyweds is ‘Per cent’anni!’ – ‘for one hundred years’? We did!

Welcome to our a-list of trusted destination wedding suppliers in Italy here to help you plan the perfect wedding in Italy – and buona fortuna for your wedding adventure.