Great Winter Wedding Flowers Ideas

warmer tones and more rich hues

Winter may not see the abundant, wide ranging floral choices of the warmer seasons, but there’s still such a gorgeous array of colours, textures and varieties to choose from. I love the opportunity to go for warmer tones and more rich hues, but there’s a part of me that adores a pure winter white display! What’s your favourite?

Dark and decadent

A dark bouquet looks striking against a white wedding dress. And if you’re choosing a dark palette, going for deep burgundy or rich plum flowers is beautiful. With velvet textures and crisp greenery, a dark flower display feels so indulgent.

Winter wedding flowers
Images clockwise form left: unknown; Alea Lovely; Wedding Day Flowers; Emily Delamater Photography; Cat Mayer Studio; Sweet Pea Photography

Light and lavish

In contrast, a light, bright floral display is a fabulous way of embracing the chilly edge of a winter wedding. Choose white flowers for a snow-white feel, or go for elegant pinks studded with seasonal berries. Frosty tipped foliage makes for an icy display, and use evergreen leaves for fragrance.

Winter wedding flowers
Images clockwise from left: Sarah Sidwell; Michael Tallman; Kristina Lorraine; unknown; Person +Killian Photography

Your florist will be able to advise you on the best seasonal flowers for your colour palette. But remember to choose what you love! For more floral inspiration, head over to our wedding flowers and decor page.