Luxury Elopements In Europe

Today we feature a blog from Dream Weddings Europe all about Luxury Elopements In Europe.

Hello everyone, I’m Anastasiia, wedding planner and the owner of Dream Weddings Europe, a premium wedding planner in Portugal and abroad. Today I want to talk about luxury elopements not only in Portugal, where I currently live but also in France, Italy, Spain, Greece and beautiful Saint Petersburg (Russia), all of which are destinations where I work my magic.

Luxury Elopements In Europe

From the beginning of my career, I loved elopements and intimate weddings, probably because of my personality.

If in the past the meaning of “eloping” was ‘running away and getting married in secret’, nowadays, the meaning has expanded to include intimate weddings or, what some call, micro weddings. With all these different terms it can be a bit confusing. That said, we now consider an event to be an elopement if there are less then 12 guests, while micro weddings tend to be events with 10 to 20 guests.

Luxury Elopements In Europe

Couples choose to have an elopement or intimate wedding for various reasons, however, they are especially popular options for a destination wedding. A couple could have a religious or legal ceremony in their hometown and even have a reception for their families. However, the real fun then starts when the couple travels to another country with their closest friends to have a memorable experience. This can include a beautiful symbolic ceremony and party at a fairytale palace, favourite beach, or luxury villa with an outstanding view. The best part is that with a smaller group the options really are limitless.

Look what Carly Petracco – a wedding celebrant from the US, who lives in Portugal – says about elopements and intimate weddings:

“Elopements are my favourite! I say that because, for these couples, the ceremony is all about them and what will make them happy.

It is really easy to get caught up in trying to placate your parents, please your in-laws, and accommodate the needs of your second cousin’s husband. Instead, elopements are all about the couple.

It is a chance for them to be selfish about their love and create a moment that is truly about their relationship and their future together.”


Now that you know about elopements, curious about how to take yours to the next level?

At Dream Weddings Europe we aim to offer only the most unique services, delivered with top quality. That’s why we consider your future elopement or intimate wedding as a luxury experience at your chosen destination.

Luxury Elopements In Europe

Besides our sophisticated wedding planning service, we also include a concierge service for you and your guests, planning your accommodation, transport, and luxury activities for your whole trip – no limits!

We can organize a personalized luxury shopping experience in your hotel suite or a private concert of your favourite singer/DJ on a yacht. We can create an almost-Hollywood movie about you (imagine the memory for your family) or make your other dreams a reality. That’s what we love to do!

Let me give you some examples of elopements and micro weddings we have planed in the past.


Many years ago, Anne and Eric fell in love with the beautiful city of Positano and the whole of the Amalfi Coast. When they decided to get married, they never even considered another location. Anne and Eric never imagined themselves as a part of a big wedding.

Luxury Elopements In Europe

The decision was simple: they took their closest family members and spent an amazing week at their favourite hotel in Positano. We stayed for and created 3 days of events with this amazing couple: the first day included the pre-wedding dinner at a beautiful restaurant near the sea, the second day was the wedding day and our final day, the day after the wedding, on a gorgeous white yacht.


Wondering what a luxury elopement in Portugal looks like? This amazing travel and wedding experience in Portugal started with the renting of a beautiful private palace in the centre of Lisbon. At this one-of-a-kind palace, you will have exclusive use of the venue as a guest along with the ability to host a gorgeous wedding. Lisbon is an ideal, luxury elopement destination for it is full of this kind of small palaces.

Luxury Elopements In Europe

For Rafaela and Iduino we created a truly luxurious atmosphere with vintage touches, that perfectly reflected Portugal and Lisbon. Beyond the wedding day, we organized a very special private tour and winery visits just for them and their guests.


Melanie and Nima from Munich were big dreamers. First dream: a cruise trip to the Baltic sea with their friends. The second dream: a wedding ceremony on said cruise ship. Third dream: a Great Gatsby style wedding ceremony, reception and party in Saint Petersburg. When tasked with their third dream, we, of course, made it a reality. This included securing the best hotel in the heart of the city, organizing the ceremony at a historical venue, then coordinating a fancy reception with outstanding, luxury decorations, surprise fireworks and so much more!

Luxury Elopements In Europe

On the day after the wedding, we also organized a guided boat trip with a guide complete with a traditional buffet.

As a wedding planner with a wide range of experience, I know that even if you are in love with the idea of elopements and intimate weddings, your families might be against it. It’s ok, we have been there and are here to help you.

Luxury Elopements In Europe

A great option for how to solve it, that offers a compromise that makes everyone happy is to organize a family celebration in your hometown. This allows you to preserve your dream of an elopement while also allowing your family to share in the celebration.

Luxury Elopements In Europe

If you are still not sure about the size of your future wedding, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

I’ll be more than happy to help and provide professional advice.

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