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Middle East

The Middle East has built a reputation for offering the best in luxury hotels and holidays. Featuring some of the world’s biggest and best hotels it also offers fantastic shopping and culinary delights. At the heart of the Middle East’s offering is Dubai, featuring modern sky scrapers and beautiful resort hotels, Dubai has an option to suit all travelers. Aside from the luxury hotel offering, the Middle East also provides world class golf courses and desert adventures so your holiday will be adventurous and diverse. 5 Star Wedding Directory have sourced the best hotels in the Middle East based on quality and service and you can be confident all our featured hotels have been handpicked for your guaranteed satisfaction.  

Stay In Style At The Magnificent Palace Downtown Dubai

The next hotel we had the pleasure of visiting was The Palace Downtown. This hotel has a striking design that reflects the Arabic influences in its themes and colours. The hotel is built on the edge of a lake, and is on the Old Town Island.

5 Star Weddings Stay At The Ritz Carlton Dubai

We were thrilled to stay at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai a luxury hotel in the heart of the vibrant Dubai Marina District. We stayed in an opulently decorated room and enjoyed beautiful garden and ocean views, this hotel is certainly the perfect place to relax and indulge.

5 Star Weddings Visit Dazzling Dubai

The best thing about my job is that I get to travel to the most beautiful countries in the world and being invited to visit some of the best hotels in Dubai was a wonderful experience.
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