Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings

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One tier luxury wedding cakes for intimate weddings and micro weddings have recently seen an upsurge in demand in the UK and around the world. As weddings were banned when lockdown began on 23 March, at least 73,600 weddings and same-sex civil partnership ceremonies were affected in the UK.
Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings
Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings

Thankfully, weddings are now allowed, but with different rules. For the foreseeable future, up to 30 people will be allowed to attend a sit-down reception in England with lower numbers for Scotland. Intimate gatherings or micro weddings have become popular for couples who may wish to marry as soon as possible, with some choosing to throw a bigger party at some point in the future.

Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings
Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings

Since guests numbers are now limited, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium has seen an upsurge in requests for small but stylish luxury cake designs.

Traditionally many luxury wedding cakes are typically three-tiered and there is a pretty simple reason why this is so. The bottom tier, the largest, is meant to be served at the wedding for guests to eat at the reception or wedding breakfast. The middle tier would be cut, wrapped in parchment and sent out to friends and family unable to attend the wedding feast. Finally, the top tier was preserved and saved for the christening day of the first child of the union.
Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings
Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings
In the next normal, intimate and micro weddings with fewer guests are now de rigueur. This then leaves us with a problem of the three-tier cake being surplus to requirements. Fear not, as Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium has the solution for you!
If you’re looking for beautifully crafted luxury wedding cakes that make as much impact as multi-tiered confections for your intimate wedding, you may want to consider serving several smaller, one-tier luxury wedding cakes. This has the advantage of providing your guests with the option of a variety of flavours and a pretty cake table better suited to your needs.
Our cakes have often been described as edible works of art as each one is bespoke and custom made to the needs and requirements of our clients. A lot more thought and time have to be put into crafting one-tier cakes in order to make an impact but thankfully this can be achieved with the following tips:
Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings
Luxury Wedding Cakes For Micro Weddings
  • Ask your cake maker to make your one-tier luxury wedding cake extra deep. This will create some extra height and drama (think of all those layers when the cake is cut), and the bonus is, you will also get more cake!
  • Cake stands make a luxury wedding cake look more elegant. If you opt for multiple wedding cakes, cake stands with differing heights create a very cool and contemporary look. Alternatively, you may choose to display your cakes on beautiful cake stands of the same style, shape and colour for a unified look.
  • Texture can be an amazing way to create impact with a one-tier luxury wedding cake. Sugar frills, gold leaf, crackled sugar paste/fondant and bas relief are some of the ways to add detail and interest.
  • Explore the possibility of having an unusually shaped one tiered luxury wedding cake. Geometric shapes like hexagons, octagons and even heptagons work very well for a contemporary wedding.
  • You may also want to consider having your cake decorated with the same monogram from your wedding stationery and handcrafted sugar flowers that match those from your wedding for a pulled together and finished look.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget about the INSIDE of the cake, which we firmly believe is the most important part. Ombre effects, hidden centres (e.g a hidden heart), delicious flavours and even immune-boosting flavours can make such an exciting difference.
As the lockdown begins to ease and we look forward to celebrating weddings again, Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium will be delighted to create a bespoke and a custom one-tier luxury wedding cake for your intimate wedding will be our pleasure.
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