Six Reasons Why You Should Elope to Denmark

Six reasons why you should elope to Denmark. Elopement weddings have been increasing in popularity in recent years particularly elopement weddings in Denmark.  And why wouldn’t they, the happiest and most climate-friendly country in the world that is blessed with beautiful and romantic landscapes?  Where better to say ‘I do’.  But if you still need convincing?  Here are our six top reasons why you should consider an elopement wedding in Denmark. 

1.      Denmark elopement and micro -weddings are possible despite the global pandemic.

Let’s tackle this one head on!  The pandemic has caused many couples to have to postpone their wedding plans with many believing that getting married abroad is just not possible in 2021.  But love is not cancelled.  You can still enjoy an elopement or micro wedding in Denmark. 

So, if you thought the pandemic had cancelled your hopes of a wedding in Denmark then think again.  Getting married in Denmark may well be easier this year, than getting married in your own country. 

2.      Micro and elopement weddings in Denmark are affordable

 Micro and Elopement weddings in Denmark are uncompromising, beautiful and affordable.  Let’s be honest the biggest cost at traditional weddings is guests.  Each comes with a price tag.  So, it stands to reason elopement and micro weddings are far more wedding budget friendly. 

 Elia and Lisa, a couple from Italy, enjoyed a wedding on the dreamy island of Lolland and enjoyed a country-style wedding full of Nordic charm, booked through our Romanic Location wedding package.  Their wedding cost them just 1,850 Euro’s  and that price included their wedding photographer!

Six Reasons Why You Should Elope to Denmark
Six Reasons Why You Should Elope to Denmark

Elia and Lisa’s wedding demonstrates just how reasonable our pricing is when you book your elopement wedding in Denmark with us.  And as our packages are clearly explained in advance, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that there are no hidden or unexpected costs. 

3.      You can have guests at an elopement wedding in Denmark

Around half the number of elopement weddings in Denmark that we have organized have had a small number of guests in attendance.  Many elopers choose to have their very closest friends and family with them to celebrate their marriage.  So, the term elopement wedding can sometimes also mean a micro wedding. 

Darya and Karsten, a couple from Spain, had their micro wedding at the Ancient Hojerup Church on Stevns Klint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

This ancient church is a top European wedding destination and perfect for small weddings abroad.  The couple celebrated their new life together by bringing along their loved ones (5 guests) for an unforgettable adventure wedding in Denmark by booking our Magical Touch Wedding Package.

4.      Elopement and micro-weddings in Denmark allow to create a bespoke wedding from scratch.

 Many people wrongly assume that elopement weddings abroad are just a ceremony but that’s not true.  Increasingly, couples want their whole day to be something memorable, and they want to have it all captured. When it comes to elopement wedding photography, they want more than the ceremony and a couple of portraits afterwards. 

 Couples who choose elopement weddings in Denmark have a curious and adventurous nature so will want to explore our beautiful beaches, historically rich castles and world heritage sites.  As well as celebrate their union in a way that truly reflects their personalities and characters. 

Magdalena and Adam, a couple from Germany, chose an elopement wedding in Denmark because they are passionate about Norse culture.  They chose our Land of Legends package and relieved a traditional Nordic wedding.  Land of Legends is an open-air living history museum and after their intimate ceremony on a private beach the couple enjoyed a traditional Viking handfasting ceremony and self-written vows in the old Nordic language, in Scandinavia’s largest King’s Hall.

The couple went all out on hand made Viking style clothes, drank champagne from a horn and had traditional Viking music. 

Magdalena and Adam’s wedding was a masterclass in how to create your own bespoke wedding, showing that anything is possible.  And they had a Danish wedding photographer right there, to capture every moment of their amazing day. 

5.  Micro and elopement weddings in Denmark and quick and easy to plan

 Whilst the term elopement can suggest just taking off and getting married., elopement and micro weddings do need a little planning.  But luckily for you, Denmark is one of the easiest places in the world to get married in.  What can we say, us Dane’s are romantics are heart!

 We can get you permission to marry in Denmark in just five working days, and our wedding packages can be ordered in just 4 weeks.  Meaning that you could enjoy your elopement wedding in Denmark a month from now! 

6.      Micro and elopement weddings in Denmark are full of adventure

Couples who chose micro or elopement weddings abroad tend to be more travellers than tourists.  The thing they all have in common is a sense of adventure. 

They want their wedding day to be off the beaten track, they want interesting and beautiful locations, they want to be close to nature and above all they want their wedding to be truly unique.

Franziska and Marcus from Germany eloped with two friends to the gorgeous Danish Island of Bornhom in the Baltic Sea. They have chosen our Island Escape wedding package.  Bornhom embodies Scandinavian living with stunning unspoilt beaches, minimalistic beach houses and a laid-back way of life.  The island is full of trees and enjoys the warmest climate on these islands so is a real draw for the Danes who love to holiday here.  

For their wedding ceremony, Franziska and Marcus chose the mysterious ruins of the ancient Hammershus Castle, the largest medieval fortress in Europe.  It offers beautiful views of the coast and the sea surrounding Bornholm, and is one of the most beautiful places to get married in Denmark. 

We hope our six reasons why you should elope to Denmark has been helpful and informative.  If you can picture your wedding day on a Danish Island with beautiful fairy-tale castles, world heritage sites, pretty ancient churches, breath-taking cliffs, unspoilt beaches, romantic gardens and grand manor houses – then why not get in touch.  

Nordic Adventure Weddings would love to hear about your wedding plans.