The Secret to Keepin​g Your New Years Resolutions​

To help you keep up with your skin care for the year ahead, we have Amanda Elias’ top 10 long-term lifestyle and skin care changes for a better you this year.

  • Don’t forget to cleanse twice in the evening; one cleanse will never be enough to remove all the dirt, oil, make-up, SPF and dead skin that accumulates on our skin during the day. Use a cream cleanser or a wash, not wipes.

  • Do follow with a glycolic acid based toner to help lower the skin’s PH to its natural, acidic PH. When the PH of the skin is too high it creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Amanda Elias
Amanda Elias
  • Do start a new exercise regime, not only for your wellbeing, but also the condition of your skin by stimulating the removal of toxins in the body. Remember to shower straight after you finish your work out and to put on clean clothes, the longer sweat remains on the skin, the more chance you’ll have of breakouts.

  • Don’t believe that alcohol drying out your skin is an old wives tale; alcohol dehydrated the body which in turn affects the skin by leaving it looking dull and wrinkled. Cut down on alcohol and caffeine in the New Year and replace with some skin beneficial smoothies full of antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin C which can help the body to increase collagen production.

  • Do chuck out old products you’ve owned longer than recommended time on the bottle. Old products can harbour bacteria which you really don’t want to put on your skin.

  • Don’t use dirty make-up brushes; clean your brushes at least once a week with a make-up brush cleaner or antibacterial soap, not forgetting the handles. Used make-up brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria which you’ll then transfer on to your face.

  • Don’t forget your scalp and hair; just like your skin, your hair needs some TLC too. Take the time to use a hair masque once a week and you’ll have smoother, glossy locks by the summer. But remember, split ends cannot be fixed so treat yourself to a trim; long hair only looks good when it’s in good condition.

  • Do check out your local hair and beauty college where you can get a range of fantastic treatments at a fraction of the normal costs. The students will already be trained but just need a little practise.

Amanda Elias Top Tips
Amanda Elias Top Tips
  • Don’t ignore any skin changes. If you suddenly develop a condition that resembles eczema, you have a patch of skin that’s sore or itchy or you notice a change in colour or size of a mole on the skin, get it checked! The earlier any potential skin problems are caught, the better.

  • Do write your New Year lifestyle changes down on an easy and manageable list and check it at the start of every month to make sure you’re on track.

  • Don’t get to December 2014 still wishing you had better skin, better hair or you’d lost weight, only YOU can make these changes, it just takes a little effort and some long-term changes, so no more excuses!

  • A highly experienced facial therapist, Amanda Elias is the brains behind effective yet affordable skin care brand, Bravura London – a business founded following Amanda’s own skin problems and subsequent discovery of using AHA, BHA and Hydraulic Acid for troubled skins.