Wedding Trends 2021
Wedding Trends 2021

Wedding Trends 2021

The United Nations has declared 2021 as the International Year of Peace and Trust, the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, and the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.

The trend of sustainability and eco-consciousness

Wedding Trends 2021
Wedding Trends 2021

will continue in 2021. There will be a focus on quality over quantity.

Today we share with you a blog by My Billet Doux.

Our cushions are made in the UK with vintage and antique ribbons and we also have started using antique fabrics combined with silk to create our distinctive range.

Our notebooks and cards are all made within 20 miles of our workshop using responsibly sourced papers. The charms that can be added to our cushions are all made with vintage and antique elements.

Intimate and bespoke

I predict 2021 weddings to be more individual and intimate- smaller in size weddings will focus more on the detail to make it more bijou like. Couples will want to invite family and close friends and concentrate on spending more time on the day with those they truly love. They will focus more on true connections and couples will be even keener to put their own stamp on their day with intricate and bespoke details. There will also be a trend of making their day more memorable and keepsakes will be even more important.

Wedding Trends 2021
Wedding Trends 2021

The exuberance of a wedding will be more in the finer details rather than the extended guest list.


There will be a return of personal touches and extra touches that make a wedding day unique and memorable- romance and making sure that everyone is happy will be so important. There will be a revival of handwritten notes and vows and more traditional sentimental gestures. Couples will love thinking of traditions and turning them into their own.

Wedding Trends 2021
Wedding Trends 2021

A personal letter to each other tucked in a silk cushion before the couple gets married makes a great keepsake of the day and starts the wedding day with a touch of romance.

A family member giving an item of jewellery to be worn on the day- an extra personal touch and an item to be passed on to future generations.

  • My Billet Doux envelope cushions can be part of a wedding ceremony to present the rings at the ceremony, keep the wedding vows close in the pocket or a photograph of a family member who cannot attend.
  • My Billet Doux envelope cushions can be made with bespoke colours to match the wedding theme and also be customised with initials.
  • My Billet Doux envelope cushions with an enclosed note can also be sent to thank a bridesmaid/best man who has helped make the day special or to a family member to thank them for their generosity, contribution.
  • My Billet Doux envelope cushions with a personal note can also be given/lent with a lovely item of jewellery, cufflinks, a bracelet, necklace or earrings that belonged to a family member to be worn on the wedding day (something old/something borrowed).
  • My Billet Doux love cushion can be given as a wedding gift to the couple to start their journey of writing letters and notes to each other and hiding it in the back pocket.
  • My Billet Doux love cushions can also be displayed on a table at the wedding ceremony and guests can write lovely words in the accompanying notebooks for them to be cherished forever
  • My Billet Doux love cushion can be given as a gift with a love letter on the morning of the wedding by the bride or groom or a family member with a special message.


Nature-inspired colours- pale pinks, sage green, soft purples for spring
In spring there will also be a resurgence of colours inspired by nature combined with a focus on botanical subjects and in particular flowers. Flowers are very sentimental and we are seeing more and more a wider variety of flowers in bouquets and at weddings. This creates show-stopping displays and also a truly personal experience The ribbons from our archive date as far back as 1800 and we have a vast range of ones with floral motifs which combined with more than a 100 silk colours can be used to create a bespoke cushion for the couple.

Wedding Trends 2021
Wedding Trends 2021

Chic grey and bold colours for autumn and winter

For colours, there will be the introduction of a chic grey partnered with other bolder colours with darker tones such as yellow, red, green and blue. These bolder colours will be used as elements in the wedding styling but also in accessories such as stationery, ties, socks, sashes, floral displays and cakes. Textures

Wedding Trends 2021
Wedding Trends 2021

Textures and embellishments will play a big part in designs particular in bridal wear and accessories. Intricate details, craftsmanship and sumptuous adornments will make 2021 not only memorable and unique but also wow the couple and their guests.

At My Billet Doux, we use ribbons with different techniques and textures and we will be embellishing our cushions even more with crystals, embroidered elements and different ribbons we will combine together.

Our notebooks are all scodix printed giving the design a 3D feel and effect. Our cards are made with the letterpress technique giving texture to them.

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