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C&B Luxury Events


The C&B is expression of excellence in catering and banqueting, rental equipment and custom services for exclusive events. We take place in Sardinia in the luxurious setting of “Costa Smeralda”, and over the years we have gained significant experience in Italy and abroad. We take care of the customer that requires our expertise wherever it is.

C&B Luxury Events

Our rental sector - Luxury Rental Furniture has a wide range of fine art products, that we usually renew seasonally according to the new trends, we set every venue by creating innovative and versatile solutions for any type of event.

C&B Luxury Events

We employ highly skilled Chef, that transform excellent food into masterpieces of haute cuisine. Skilled hands able to rework the traditional dishes in a contemporary way, in line with market trends, adding a touch of sophistication to any exclusive event.

The C&B is has an highly selected professional team, sensitive to customer needs.


Piazza Santa Caterina, 15 - 07100 Sassari (SS)

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1 Review
New York
Simply Perfect

Simply perfect, everything as we planned and more. Professional staff ready for anything. The preparations and punctuality were exceptional, not to mention the chef: haute cuisine Bravo!!!!!

October 2018

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