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Weddings are supposed to be fun occasions bringing together two families to celebrate the love of two people and at their best that is exactly what they are; fun occasions. But all too often they can be almost like a routine of going through the motions using the same template structure of hundreds of previous weddings.

My name is Tony Winyard and I LOVE weddings and I especially love helping the couples I work with to create a unique ceremony that is romantic and elegant but ALSO a lot of fun with lots of laughter. There is no better way to start the whole wedding day off right than with a fun ceremony because it creates energy which builds and builds as the day progresses into an unforgettable wedding.

My background is a wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies and has performed in excess of 2,000 weddings in those roles and at many, I was asked to play the music in the ceremony and time and time again I witnessed traditional ceremonies where the same things were said with little personalisation, emotion or elation. Don’t get me wrong they were mostly very pleasant but do you want your wedding to be just pleasant?

At hundreds of weddings, I have delivered a love story about the couple that evokes ahhs of sentiment, wows of surprise and guffaws of laughter and that has revealed stories and information about the couple that even their closest friends and family were unaware of.

The vows and everything at each ceremony that I do is completely unique. I do not believe in using scripts because then the wedding starts to become like many others. I help couples to create vows that are so obviously about them and everything that is said in the ceremony fits in with that couple's personalities.

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