Villa Mangiacane Florence

Villa Mangiacane Florence
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Reid and Sharon Mackay
September 26, 2017
"We were very much taken in by Villa Mangiacaneā€¦ The instant warm feeling akin to being a guest in a friends' home rather than a typical coldness of a five star hotel is what we loved. There is nothing better than napping on the Loggia terrace and swimming in the lap Pool at the Spa. Special touches like the stylish music playing in all rooms, fresh lemonade and amazing artwork made our stay in 2005 a truly memorable experience. We had absolutely no doubt that Villa Mangiacane was the only place we would want as our wedding venue. True enough, our wedding on 25 May 2008 at Villa Mangiacane was a magical event. Celebrating our wedding and sharing our experience at Villa Mangiacane with all our family and close friends from all over the world made it even more special. The Villa Mangiacane team made everything we wanted possible, right down to the service which was executed with precision, the meals which were absolutely delicious and the wedding setting which was nothing but amazing. To top it off, there was nothing more gratifying for the bride and groom than having the guests remark that our wedding at Villa Mangiacane was the best wedding they have attended to date ....kudos to Tanja, Silvia and the rest of the Villa Mangiacane team, and we are truly grateful."
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