My Italy and My Wedding

My Italy and My Wedding
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October 31, 2017
Highly Recommended!!
Svetlana and her team were great! We were organising our wedding from overseas and due to work and other travel arrangements did not have a chance to visit Rome or any of the wedding venues prior to the wedding week. My Italy and My Wedding walked us through every step of the process: from legal aspects of getting married in Italy to selecting the perfect venue for the ceremony to choosing just the right place for the reception dinner. They were patiently sending us photos of the details we wanted to see (since we couldn't visit ourselves) and doing everything in their power to reassure us that our wedding day would live up to our expectations. As with any wedding preparations we of course hit a couple of bumps in the road and My Italy and My Wedding advised on where to compromise and where to keep on pushing. They were also of great help in making suggestions about how to entertain our guests for the weekend. We would highly recommend My Italy and My Wedding.
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