Music is the heart of memories. Each note reminds specific moments very clearly and lasting for years and years; that’s why having the best professional crew that will take care of this precious soundtrack, is one of the most important things to secure a perfect event.

Audiodress is an Italian Pro Dj crew available to enhance with music every event such as destination weddings as well as corporate meetings.


The quality that makes the difference, compared to the large part of independent mobile djs you will find on the net, is the accuracy they work with, that let them being involved into hundreds of international luxury events every year across the Italian country, as well as abroad.

But there’s even more that makes Audiodress dj team unique: their attitude to create a music flow during the event in the most appropriate way, according to the clients preferences and the dance floor response; it’s quite different from just playing playlists chosen by the customer, because they blend every request with the secret ingredient of skill and experience keeping the dance floor hot and the entertainment rising through the night.

Audiodress manages also light enhancements of any venue in Italy with Led uplighting or Fairy light sets, dance light solutions for any request.


Last but not least they will know how to relate with other professional involved, luxury venue managers, wedding planners etc, working as a team to reach the goal of a perfect reception.

People gives brilliant feedbacks about this capacity in the Audiodress large review list, this matters after all more then every other thing.

If you’re searching for a music designer to help you enjoying the most important day of your life, don’t go wrong and trust the right professional, choosing Audiodress djs.


Piazza Paolo Da Novi 5/1, zip code 16121
Genova, Liguria

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+39 393.2889190

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