Alessandro Mari Photography


My wife and I are two wedding photographers based in Umbria. Weddings are our passion. We love the emotions, the spontaneous gestures and we like catching the memories of that special day through our pictures. We like to fall in love with the perfect light, details and natural environments.

Alessandro Mari Photography

Our shots are a reportage of your special day, catching the feelings and emotions of every single moment! Most of the time we build beautiful friendships with the wedding couple and this enables us to do a lovely wedding reportage. We are present from your preparation until the end of the party!

Anton Ferdinand’s Wedding

Have you already decided a date for your wedding? In the meanwhile we can tell the story of your engagement session with our shots. It’ll be the occasion to meet you and take stunning shots of your engagement!

How can we organize to do it? We’ll choose together the place and the photo shoot that best represents you!

We believe that our videos as well as photos could be an excellent way to tell the story of your wedding day. We like to choose the right moments, the right lights , the music that speaks about you, it will be sweet and funny, emotional… exactly as you want to remember that day.

Don’t think about a traditional video but think of something that is beautiful simply...beautiful!

Your photos will be the only memories of your special day, for this reason we like to preserve those memories for you in a good photo album. We like to personally take care of the presentation and packaging of our photo album!


Via S. Visciotti 9, 05100, Terni TR

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