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Giandomenico Cosentino Photography


Unlike many of my colleagues, I don’t’ have photographers in my family. Several years ago, I had the courage to undertake this profession with real passion. I tested many fields of photography, from portraits to travel photography.

Giandomenico Cosentino Photography

Once I experimented with wedding photography, I realized what I really love to do. By visiting my website you will discover my passion for photography. All of my photographs are taken with unique view but still remain faithful to reality.

Giandomenico Cosentino Photography

I really hope you will give me the opportunity to work with you. I will combine my style with your unforgettable memories. I am a Member of ANFM and ISPWP.

These two associations ensure competence and a higher level of style for wedding photographers in Italy and worldwide. My Style of Photography To me, photography is a way to stop time and capture an image. Highlighting the emotions of the photograph in an innovative way can enhance this authentic image.

Giandomenico Cosentino Photography

Or example, the right use of colours, or black-and-white technique are basic instruments that can be used to intensify the beauty of a picture. I love the unique essence of these special moments and the flow of sensations that surround me. I tastefully create images that make those feelings live forever. I always adapt my photography style to fit the request of the couple I’m working for.

I take into account their budget and their willingness to experiment, including the possibility of unstaged, natural photographs. The result is a custom-made package that each couple will cherish for years to come.


Via Francesco Pozzo 30R 16145 Genova Albaro

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