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We are a bespoke wedding and events planning service working in London, South-East England, the UK and the world creating elegant, unique, fun and beautiful celebrations for our clients.  

We specialise in fusion, multicultural and interfaith weddings and events; from Scottish, Jewish, African, Chinese, Japanese, Caribbean, French or Latin American (and much more) to mixed-faith or Arabic weddings.

Dispelling the Myth

We are told that not all dreams can be fulfilled, not all ideas become reality, that there is a fine line between creativity and insanity…Here at Nene’s Events, we dispel those myths, as to us, there is no dream, idea or creative thought that cannot be made real.  We do not sell dreams but work on fulfilling them.

Our Services (what we offer, what we give you, what we provide)

We believe each person is unique and therefore provide a service that is tailored to your individual requirements.  We are here to assist you in celebrating, in whatever fashion you choose, life’s successes.

Contact us today as tomorrow never comes twice.

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