Cable Car Top Station, Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Mons Calpe Suite – Top Of The Rock Gibraltar

Cable Car Top Station, Gibraltar, Gibraltar


The Mons Calpe Suite is located at the very Top of the Rock of Gibraltar and is a wedding venue like no other. Located within the Cable Car top station complex,

The Mons Calpe Suite is located at the very Top of the Rock of Gibraltar and is a wedding venue like no other. Located within the Cable Car top station complex, you are treated to spectacular views from the moment you step on to the Cable Car which will transport you 412m up to your exclusive venue. Stretched out below are two continents; Europe and Africa and three countries; Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco, not to mention the endless blue expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean.

Mons Calpe Suite – Top Of The Rock Gibraltar

The Mons Calpe Suite is a venue which speaks for itself. The panoramic views coupled with the Top of the Rock experience, it is the perfect wedding venue which we assure neither you nor your guests will ever forget.

Mons Calpe Suite – Top Of The Rock Gibraltar

Imagine arriving at sunny Gibraltar, where the sun shines 300 days a year. The official language is English however, the culture is an interesting cocktail mix of Mediterranean, British and Moroccan influences all uniquely blended over the past 300 years. The award winning Mons Calpe Suite is a hidden treasure, guarded by our very own Barbary Apes while Gibraltar, a placed steeped in history, is the ideal place to take your vows for your future life together.

This Britain in the Sun paradise is most certainly one of the reasons for attracting couples including many celebrities, such as, John Lennon and Yoko Ono who came to the Rock back in 1969 to be married. Of course, it’s not just the weather and its location that calls couples to the Rock but also because getting married in Gibraltar is easy and stress-free. So much so that foreign nationals can apply for a special licence to marry one day prior to the big day and you don’t even have to get married in a registry office.

The Mons Calpe Suite is one of Gibraltar’s approved venues where civil marriages and civil partnerships can be held. Where better to celebrate your marriage in Gibraltar but on the Rock itself where you will feel like its King and Queen? Just picture the photographs!

Mons Calpe Suite – Top Of The Rock Gibraltar

Every couple wants their day to be extra special and without a doubt, it is the Mons Calpe Suite that will turn your dreams into reality. The Mons Calpe Suite was awarded the prestigious UK magazine Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Abroad 2015 Gold Award for the Best Wedding venue in the Mediterranean. Parry Cockwell, Chairman of the awards panel stated, “The inaugural DWHA awards recognise the devoted professionals that make this possible.

These industry experts discreetly and sensitively take care of the practicalities, thereby allowing the emotional experience of the couple to be enhanced, enjoyed and ultimately cherished. Our award winners are the hallmark of excellence; here at DWHA we are delighted and indeed honoured to be able to recognise them.” It goes without saying that the Mons Calpe Suite events team will look after every detail. Just as you are committed to each other we will ensure that your special day will not only exceed your expectations but reach new heights.

Each new day begins with a sun rise but it is what you do before it sets that matters. Join us on Cloud 9 and celebrate your union and new life together at the Top of the Rock.

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We can organise a wide range of services that include:
Advice on arrangements with the Gibraltar Registry Office
Flower arrangements
Bridal and guest makeup and hairdressing
Transport includ


Cable Car Top Station, Gibraltar, Gibraltar
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