Tenuta Pinto: A Gem in the Heart of Apulia

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Nestled within the vibrant landscapes of Mola di Bari, Tenuta Pinto stands as a testament to the elegance and grandeur of 18th-century Italy. This ancient Masseria, with its origins deeply rooted in the past, has been meticulously restored to preserve its timeless beauty while embracing the essence of Apulian hospitality and culinary excellence. It's a place where every event is transformed into an unforgettable experience, imbued with magic and a sense of belonging. Here, amidst the enchanting Apulian countryside, Tenuta Pinto offers a sanctuary for love, celebration, and the joy of being together.

A Sanctuary for Love

At the heart of Tenuta Pinto's allure is its unique offering as a wedding venue. With various fabulous locations within its premises, from the romantic olive grove to the elegant 'fienile' (barn) and the illuminated outdoor courtyard, the estate provides an idyllic setting for civil ceremonies and outdoor weddings. Each space within the Masseria is crafted to make your special day an event and a journey into the heart of Apulian nature and tradition.

Tenuta Pinto

This magical venue serves as the perfect backdrop for a country wedding. Couples can exchange vows among ancient olive trees, celebrate their love with family and friends, and immerse themselves in the beauty of the region's typical white stone architecture.

A Commitment to Inclusivity and Excellence

Tenuta Pinto prides itself on being a welcoming place for all couples, embodying the philosophy that love is universal. The estate's dedication to inclusivity and making dreams come true is evident in every detail, from the meticulous organization of events to the genuine warmth with which each guest is received.

Culinary Delights by Chef Giuseppe Pedone

The culinary experience at Tenuta Pinto is nothing short of extraordinary, thanks to the inspired creations of Executive Chef Giuseppe Pedone. With a philosophy rooted in tradition, authenticity, and the sensory journey of ingredients, Chef Pedone brings his international experience back to his native land, offering authentic and sensorial dishes.

Tenuta Pinto

The Masseria's commitment to km0 cuisine ensures that every meal celebrates genuine ingredients and Apulian traditions, making every dining experience memorable.

A Journey Through Apulian Flavors

At Tenuta Pinto, the culinary experience begins with a welcoming aperitif, followed by a chef's cooking show and a selection of appetizers that showcase the essence of Apulia. Each dish is presented in typical Apulian booths and is a testimony to the region's rich flavours and authentic ingredients. From cold cuts and cheeses to raw fish and fresh vegetables from the estate's garden, guests can enjoy various delicious dishes.

Sustainable and Family-Centric

Tenuta Pinto's philosophy is centred around sustainability and a solid connection to the land. They use fresh ingredients from their estate's garden to prepare wedding dishes, showcasing their unwavering bond with the region's agricultural traditions. The Pinto family is deeply committed to promoting eco-sustainability and quality, which is reflected in every aspect of the estate, from the preservation of the land to the warmth and professionalism of the team.

Accommodations with Charm and Comfort

Tenuta Pinto provides various lodging options, from the roomy and well-lit Superior Room to the opulent Junior Suite and the Deluxe Standard Rooms.

Tenuta Pinto

Every room is crafted with an emphasis on comfort and style, ensuring that guests can fully immerse themselves in the charm of the Apulian countryside while enjoying a peaceful and relaxing stay.

A Legacy of Passion and Tradition

The vision and dedication of Domenico Pinto and his wife Isabella have transformed Tenuta Pinto into a beacon of love and celebration in Apulia. Their passion for agricultural traditions and meticulous attention to detail have made the estate not just a venue but a home for all who visit.

Tenuta Pinto

In conclusion, Tenuta Pinto is more than just a venue; it's a living testament to Apulia's beauty, its culinary traditions' richness, and the universal language of love. It is a beacon for couples worldwide, offering a magical setting where dreams are nurtured, and unforgettable memories are made.


via Chiancarelle 13 – Contrada Brenca
70042 Mola di Bari (BA) Puglia – Italy

Tel/Fax +39 080 4737532

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