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Yasmine Torab, Co-Founder and Marketing Director at 5 Star Weddings Ltd. which is a Luxury Directory - Blog - Boutique and a new Community  began her career in the luxury events industry more than ten years ago. Working at the original ‘Grand Hotel’ - The Langham - in London’s West End, Yasmine gained considerable hotel world experience by organising hi-spec parties, weddings, events and more. It was while working with the some of the world’s best suppliers that Yasmine spied a flaw in the luxury wedding industry – a lack of central hub where brides and planners could exclusively search for the elite and most highly recommended suppliers, from haute couture wedding dresses, remarkable venues, gourmet cakes, stylish photography and fabulous flowers, to the most sought-after wedding planners.

5 Star Wedding Directory has gathered an exceptional collection of the world’s most inspiring wedding brands featuring beautiful, fresh and original ideas for sophisticated brides all gorgeously presented at one wedding website. From Engagement to Honeymoon, 5 Star Wedding Directory content is tailored to entice and inspire couples throughout their happy journey.

Today we catch up with Yasmine to bring you her first-hand advice and tips on how to connect, build relationships and get featured, so over to you Yasmine!

1. Describe your blog

Exquisite luxury wedding directory. From flowers & favours to dresses & diamonds. You’ll find something gorgeous to dream about on our blog as well as being able to get in touch with the world's best wedding suppliers.

2. What is your favourite thing about working on your blog?

We get invited to some beautiful places to sample some incredible things from 5 Star hotels to fashion shows, locations across the globe as well as on our doorstep, and it’s such a treat to be able to share our experiences with beautiful brides-to-be from around the world.

3. What is the story you are dreaming of writing but haven’t yet?

I’ve always wanted to feature a piece on a celebrity wedding - but from a first-hand experience! I’d love to be invited to the most decadent and lavish of affairs and be able to give the inside story to our readers. What did her dress feel like? What did her hair look like up close? What did the food really taste like? What had they scented the venue with? I’d love to be able to breathe in the sheer gorgeousness of the day and relive the magic on the blog.

4. Who is your typical reader/follower/audience and how have they evolved over time?

Our typical reader is a bride-to-be looking for real luxury inspiration to make their wedding day incredibly special. We feature real luxury venues, honeymoons and gowns as well as beauty, flowers and the all-important cake! Our brides want pure extravagance and our blog is the perfect place to indulge in dreaming about your special day.

5. How far in advance do you work?

We have such a range of topics on the blog, so each item is different. We cover a lot of reviews and real weddings, so we try and keep pace with the seasons, thinking about what time of year a bride will be planning for and getting as much inspiration and information online as we can throughout the year.

6. What types of pitches/stories/features are you looking for?

We always love featuring real luxury weddings, a glamourous bride, exquisite venue and stunning florals will always catch my eye and will appeal most to our readers. Everyone loves a bit of pampering and special treatments, and your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to indulge.

We also love to share the key wedding trends, Q and A's and top tips for couples, wedding advice and seasonal suggestions, we want to share those stories with our readers.

7. What are the worst brand interactions you’ve experienced?

We really only deal with luxe brands, so we don’t really come across any bad interactions!

8. How can a brand build a relationship with you?

Once a member, we will work alongside each company to ensure they benefit from maximum exposure on our site. From advertising or images galleries to a directory listing or instagram posts, we can work together to make sure we have the right fit. You can find more information on our website – www.5starweddingdirectory.com.

9. Where can brands find you on Social Media?

You can find us on Instagram for some gorgeous daily bridal inspiration @5starweddings

Come and find us and say hello!