A Spring Tribute to the Love Story of Marie Antoinette

Hawkstone Hall & Gardens Weston Shrewsbury SY4 5UZ

Drawing upon the spellbinding allure of spring and the timeless elegance portrayed in the BBC TV drama “Marie Antoinette,” we meticulously designed a wedding editorial that transcends the ordinary. This creation was not just an editorial; it was a homage to the vibrant spirit of spring, interwoven with the sophisticated allure of French nobility.

Regal Reverie: A Springtime Ode to Marie Antoinette's Romance

Our chosen colour palette was a symphony of lively spring hues, thoughtfully accentuated with a sophisticated shade of French blue. This choice was not arbitrary; it was a deliberate nod to the French aristocracy’s regal charm and refined aesthetics, evoking an atmosphere filled with nobility and enchantment.

The inspiration for this editorial was deeply rooted in the opulent visual storytelling of “Marie Antoinette,” bringing to life a dreamlike and audaciously splendid setting. The grandiosity of oversized blooms defined the ambience, creating a bold statement that was visually striking and deeply symbolic of nature’s lavish bounty. These elements were juxtaposed with the delicate interplay of rich, high-end fashion, crafting an editorial narrative that was as daring as elegant.

Our floral designs celebrate the natural world’s awe-inspiring beauty at the cusp of spring. We endeavoured to capture this fleeting beauty within the majestic confines of Hawkstone Hall, enhancing its already splendid atmosphere. The selection of British-grown tulips, anemones, and hellebores was not merely about their visual appeal but a tribute to the intricate beauty of nature. Each arrangement was carefully crafted, focusing on detail, texture, and scent to create a multi-sensory experience that would linger in the memory of all who beheld it.

The fashion narrative of this editorial was carefully curated to echo the themes of French romance and couture elegance. Gowns adorned with voluminous bows and billowing tulle were more than just garments; they were a testament to the artistry and elegance of high fashion. These pieces, characterised by their couture craftsmanship, added an element of French romance, weaving a visual narrative that seamlessly bridged the bold with the delicate.

Regal Reverie: A Springtime Ode to Marie Antoinette's Romance
Regal Reverie: A Springtime Ode to Marie Antoinette's Romance

As the editorial unfolded, it became a celebration of love, style, and the rejuvenating spirit of spring. Each frame captured the essence of springtime, not just through the visual elements but through the emotions they evoked.

The result was a visual feast that celebrated the beauty of love, the elegance of spring, and the timeless charm of the French aristocracy, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who experienced it. This was not just an editorial; it was a journey through the heart of spring, guided by the legacy of Marie Antoinette and the unending beauty of love and nature.


Bringing our enchanting spring-inspired wedding editorial to life was a collaborative journey woven together by the talents and visions of an exceptional group of creatives. Each supplier played a pivotal role in crafting a narrative that blended the romance of spring with the luxury reminiscent of the “Marie Antoinette” era, culminating in a masterpiece of love, style, and seasonal beauty. Here is a tribute to the dream team behind this magical creation:

  • Concept, Planning, & Photography: The visionary @charlottepalazzophoto’s eye for beauty and detail set the stage for this breathtaking editorial.
  •  Venue: The majestic @hawkstone_hall provided a backdrop filled with grandeur and historical elegance that perfectly encapsulates our theme’s essence.
  •  Flowers: The artistry of @hopeandflorastyle brought our floral fantasies to life with arrangements that captured the vibrancy and renewal of spring.
  •  Stylist & Stationer: @thesoireestylistsuk, whose impeccable styling and stationery design added sophistication and charm to the overall aesthetic.
  •  Cake: The culinary masterpiece by @tspcake was a treat for the taste buds and a feast for the eyes, mirroring the editorial’s elegance.
  •  Makeup: @hannahdoramakeup, whose expertise in makeup artistry enhanced the natural beauty of our models, complementing the editorial’s dreamy vibe.
  •  Hair: @hairbyhollydaybell, whose skilful creations in hairstyling added the perfect touch of romance and sophistication.
  • Models: The stunning @justalexroberts and the captivating model couple @lausandjack, whose chemistry and elegance breathed life into the story we aimed to tell.
  •  Dresses: The breathtaking gowns provided by @millia.london, @130atelierbridal, and @dollybluebridalshrewsbury add a unique narrative of high fashion and French romance. The “Camille” blue dress by @millia.london epitomises sophistication.
  •  The “Mist with Bow Cape” dress by @Watters from @130atelierbridal is elegant.
  •  The ornate dress with pearl cape by @wtoowatters from @130atelierbridal showcases intricate beauty.
  •  The floral dress with sleeves and the strapless dress with a large bow from @dollybluebridalshrewsbury embody the spring spirit.
  •  Accessories: The delicate flower hair vine and earrings by @laurellimebridal and all crowns and clay flower earrings by @megantheresecouture added glamour and grace.
  •  Shoes: The exquisite pink shoes by @di_hassall and @harrietwildeshoes, alongside the stunning blue shoes by @harrietwildeshoes, enhance the bridal look with elegance.
  •  Ribbons: @silkandpurl, whose beautiful ribbons added a touch of whimsy and colour to the decor and bridal bouquets.
  •  Suit: The groom’s attire, thoughtfully selected to complement the editorial’s aesthetic, was the model’s own, reflecting personal style while fitting seamlessly into the theme.
  •  Candles: @esteranderik, whose candles cast a warm and romantic glow, enriching the atmosphere with intimacy and enchantment.

Each supplier’s unique contribution was instrumental in weaving together this editorial, a testament to creativity, collaboration, and the everlasting beauty of spring. Together, they created a photo shoot and a narrative that celebrates love, artistry, and the rebirth that comes with spring, leaving us with images and memories that will linger long after the season has passed.