Interview With Amara: Advice On Wedding Gift Lists

Amara is a luxury homewares and accessories etailer offering a bespoke gift list service. Now housing over 300 brands from the likes of Missoni Home, Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren the Amara Bridal Registry offers bride and grooms the chance to create their very own luxe wish list!

With all the same brilliant features and services that Amara are renowned for, as well as additional hints, tips, articles and recommendations offered by The Wedding Journal, the Amara Bridal Registry is your one-stop destination for all things ‘wedding’.

Appointing a wedding list coordinator to each bride and groom Amara offers a stress free experience from creation, personalisation, final product confirmation and of course delivery.

5 Star Weddings speaks to the Head of Bridal Registry, Karen to find out more ….

5 Star Weddings: How did Amara Weddings start?

Amara: Amara was launched 10 years ago growing from a small interiors shop to the largest independent luxury online retailer housing over 300 brands including the likes of Roberto Cavalli and Missoni Home. Whilst quietly  providing a gift list service to our existing clients we decided to finally launch the website in September 2012 to develop our luxury gifting offerings online.

Amara Wedding Gifts

5 Star Weddings: How does the Amara gift list service work?

Amara: Our gift list service is really quick and easy to use requiring only a few basic steps. Once set up you are free to explore the website and choose as many or as few gifts as you wish. It is also extremely simple for your guests to use and leave a message, all of which is recorded on your personal page so you can always see who has bought what.

Amara Wedding Gifts

5 Star Weddings: How does the Amara gift list differentiate from other list options out  there?

Amara: Our service is totally bespoke in terms of what we can offer our clients. When a wedding list is created we assign a designated wedding list coordinator to help our clients every step of the way. We offer a huge selection of brands as well as being able to source other collections that we may not currently hold stock of.

I think one of our most popular  features that differentiates us from other gift list services is the flexibility you have after your wedding. For example: after the honeymoon when you are more relaxed you can sit down and reassess the gifts that  have been purchased; you can change & return any items. In fact you just  need to think of it as a pot of money that can be spent at as  you wish!

Amara Wedding Gifts

5 Star Weddings: What advice would you give to a bride and groom hoping to set up a gift list?

Amara: Choosing a broad selection of gifts is key so that your guests have optimum choice! Guests LOVE the chance to browse through a long list of  products for them to decide what they think is the perfect gift!

Vera Wang Wedding Gifts

5 Star Weddings: Do you accept international wedding gift lists?

Amara: We certainly do! Being an online retailer we have the ability to offer pricing in 10 different currencies as well as shipping worldwide – the possibilities are endless!

Amara Wedding Gifts

5 Star Weddings: What would you say are your top selling brands?

Amara: It is always hard to judge as so many of them come so close to the other. We are currently the only online stockist of Ralph Lauren as well as being  Missoni Home largest UK stockist meaning they are very popular brands for us. For our bridal clients L’Objet, Vera Wang for Wedgwood and Baobab are  certainly very popular!

Luxury Wedding Gifts

5 Star Weddings: Do you host any exclusive brands or collections?

Amara: At present we hold stock of a few exclusive products from Mulberry, Abyss & Habidecor and of course our Amara own brand bed linen and soft furnishings! We do have a few things in the pipeline which are top secret but soon to be revealed! What would you say is the perfect brand for a kitchen savvy bride? It’s always hard to say as everyone has their own style but I personally love the Bugatti collection! It is available in a variety of bright colours which can add a great spruce of colour to your kitchen!

Amara Wedding Gifts

5 Star Weddings: What is the plan for the rest of 2015?

Amara: The plan for 2015 is to continue to support all existing and future clients offering them an ever growing range of luxury home wares and accessories! Who knows what exciting things may crop up!

Amara Wedding Gifts

5 Star Weddings: What makes a 5 star wedding?

Amara: Everyone has their own perception of what a 5 star wedding is but I think it is simply personal choice! After browsing many wedding blogs and seeing lots of real life features I absolutely love those with real personality and style!

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