Little Green Wedding

Little Green Wedding

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6 Paddock Road, Sandbach, Cheshire, England CW11 3SN, United Kingdom
Little Green Wedding
Little Green Wedding
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Little Green Wedding

6 Paddock Road, Sandbach, Cheshire, England CW11 3SN, United Kingdom


Paper that Grows - At Little Green Wedding we don't believe that invitations should have to cost the earth. Instead, your invitations should set the tone for your big day and spread happiness and love.

Our beautiful range not only takes a zero-waste ethos but does so in a luxury way fitting into the most glamorous of wedding themes.

Our luxury tree-free papers come in a growing variety embedded with a range of different seeds to grow beautiful flowers that will last long beyond your big day.

We have a range of stunning designs that can be customised with your details or we can work on bespoke solutions for happy couples with a specific design in mind. 

After seeing the amount of waste created by single-use invitations. We wanted to do something truly unique for our couples and do our bit to save the planet at the same time.

Little Green Wedding

We decided to source paper with a difference. Our luxury tree-free papers come in a growing variety embedded with a range of different seeds to grow beautiful flowers that will last long beyond your big day. 

For the past 10 years, we have been so lucky to work with a team of amazing people – from our amazing customers, peers in the industry, editors, planners and everyone else, we have seen our Wedding stationer family create amazing memories and grow into something very special.

Our premium templates fit a huge range of wedding themes, can be customised with your wedding details and packaged to include; Invitations, Menus, Place cards, RSVPs and Thank You cards

We understand that our templates may not suit everyone, you may have something really special in mind. Don't worry, we offer a bespoke design service to create a unique stationery theme just for you.

We have a growing range of additional eco-friendly items. These include on the day items such as seating charts and signage, wedding favours and plantable seed paper confetti.

Our Papers
Lux seed paper is 200gsm and has an off-white, almost ivory colour. It has a lower growth success rate but its strength lies within the great quality and beautiful texture and finish. Available in Daisy, Poppy and Rudbeckia.

Little Green Wedding

Bloom seed paper is 250gsm, whiter in colour and a rustic finish, air-dried for high growth rates it is made from residual cotton from the textile industry and is available in Wildflower, Chamomile, Celosia, Carrot and Tomato. 

Elephant Paper is handmade in India from elephant poo and cotton fibres, each sheet of this paper is so specially unique in colour and texture as elephant poo can change depending on each elephant’s age and diet. Using the poo to make paper provides a source of income for the elephant sanctuaries that our makers work with.

This paper is a thinner card (180gsm) although each sheet will vary as they are hand made. They are great for animal lovers, those with a connection to Africa or anyone honeymooning on Safari.

Our ECO cotton range is our newest eco-friendly paper addition. The base cotton is made from waste from the textile industry – from old t-shirts to socks, dresses and even jeans!

Little Green Wedding

These papers are not only a more eco-friendly alternative to standard paper but also add an extra touch of uniqueness at an affordable cost without having to cut down more trees as they are 100% tree-free. 

Choose from plain white, green, denim (made from old jeans!), coffee grains, corn husk, lemongrass or jute. Each has its own unique colour and texture.


When should I send my invitations?

Traditionally wedding invitations are sent out six weeks before the wedding, but this is often too late for modern weddings as numbers are needed by the venue much sooner, and remember that a complicated wedding invitation design will take much longer to make. Our clients often send invitations out as far as 4 months in advance.

How long does it take to make my invitations?

This is a difficult question as it depends on the size and complexity of your order plus our capacity and calendar at the time you order. We advise you to book early, we are happy to find slots that can work for you and then work together to ensure you get your invitations on time.

Should I send save the date cards?

Save the Dates are ideal for giving the wedding guests enough warning about the wedding date so that they can keep it free. A simple A6 card on one of our luxury papers can ensure that your guests are forewarned about the key details of your ceremony.

How much do invitations cost?

Our invitations range in price depending upon the paper type selected, the amount of invitations ordered and the amount of inserts or additional items ordered. We are happy to provide a no obligation quote to help you decide

What other stationery products do you design?

We work with all things paper and regularly provide stationery such as; bridesmaid proposals, menus, place cards, order of service, seating plans, confetti and other favours. If you don’t see it on our site just ask and we can certainly consider it.

Can I customise my invitations?

Of course,. we have a growing number of stock designs that can match a range of themes and can be customised with your key details. If you have a very bespoke design in mind we can either work with a design supplied by yourself or a third party or design your invitations in house working closely with yourself for proofing and guidance.

How does Seed Paper Work?

Seed Paper is infused with a range of seeds from wildflowers to carrots. Once the paper has served its purpose of conveying information to your guests or RSVP it can be soaked in water to kickstart the germination process and then planted to grow into beautiful blooms.

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6 Paddock Road, Sandbach, Cheshire, England CW11 3SN, United Kingdom
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