Palazzo Filangieri is a historical palace located in Naples, Italy. It was built in the 18th century for the noble Filangieri family, who was one of the most prominent aristocratic families in Naples at the time

The Baronial Palace of Filangieri Family is located at the highest point of the historic centre of Lapio.

Lapio, a medieval village located on a hill surrounded by vineyards, of 1600 inhabitants, in Southern Italy, in the hinterland of the suggestive Hirpinia about one hour from Capodichino Airport, and one hour from the Amalfi Coast. A land of great cultural, artistic and religious traditions, capable of offering high-quality food and wine products appreciated all over the world such as the white wine "Fiano", oil, honey. A Wine and Food sensory journey.

Palazzo Filangieri, as it appears today, is the expression of the period of greatest splendour of the noble family, reached during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. An illustrious family, whose origins date back to the Norman era.

Palazzo Filangieri

Of considerable historical interest and artistic value thanks to the rich pictorial decoration of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Palazzo Filangieri is an Exclusive and Luxury Location and represents one of the most important examples of the Renaissance period in Hirpinia.

Palazzo Filangieri: a unique, almost magical place, where history and myth come together to give voice to images, arousing strong emotions. A noble residence, the "domus solaciorum", which is enriched with a whole series of friezes, aimed at giving prestige to the family, with decorated rooms, 600 square meters of paintings on the ceilings and walls, from the ground floor to the attic, which gives to the entire building a touch of refined elegance.

The entrance portal is spectacular, surmounted by the marble coat of arms of the Filangieri. Inside, the building is characterized by a stone courtyard wherein the centre we find a well on which drawings and coats of arms from the Renaissance period are engraved and behind it a porch.

Palazzo Filangieri

From the porch, you can access some rooms of the time intended for servants, with ancient ovens, and the ancient manger, all in stone, now used as tasting cellars of the typical and excellent local products and wine, the famous Fiano of Lapio.
Going up to the Noble Floor, through the original stone stairs and treading on the original floor of the time, we find ourselves in the frescoed Party Hall, currently used for the Civil or Symbolic Rite Ceremony.

For those who want the Catholic rite, the Palace is flanked by the historic Church of the Filangieri Family. Getting married here is a beautiful and highly emotional experience; you go back in time, in a refined and elegant context, reliving the glories of past centuries: this is the magic of Palazzo Filangieri, for a dream wedding.
Here you can pronounce the fateful "yes" in a fairytale atmosphere, full of charm, art and history, which will transform the wedding reception into a memorable and unique event.
From the Party Hall, after having pronounced "Yes", you can access the other frescoed rooms such as the famous Sala delle Muse, which will act as a corridor to get to the Banqueting Room, Hearth of the Banquet.

Prince Terrace overlooks the historic gardens and the splendid valley from which you can admire the Prince Bridge. Many services are available to those who choose the palace for their wedding, starting with the personalized menu based on your requests, the exceptional catering service with original and always different dishes, selecting the best products of the Hirpina tradition. The flagship of the Castle is the Fiano, a fine wine whose production takes place in the Borgo di Lapio.
The different settings where the reception will take place are of great charm: the courtyard, the cellars, the garden, the internal rooms on the main floor.
At guests' disposal the heart of the village, the characteristic historic centre, and the authentic experiences linked to the peasant tradition, which will make their stay in Lapio a moment to remember.

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Via Roma – 83030 Lapio (AV) Avellino, Lapio, Naples, Campania, Italy
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