Lake Maggiore Wedding Style

Lake Maggiore Wedding Style
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Emma & Joe Philbin
October 11, 2017
Amazing from start to finish
After being let down by out initial wedding planner, Emanuela picked up the pieces and delivered the perfect day for us. Her attention to detail was second to none, especially given the quick turnaround to get everything sorted. Our wedding involved multiple venues and modes of transport, but everything went to plan as we hoped, and it really was the most beautiful day! I only wish we had used Emanuela from the start as there would have been very little stress at all. I would whole heartedly recommend Emanuela to anyone who is thinking about getting married in this beautiful part of the world!
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Valentina Paglino
September 04, 2017
Wedding- A yellow and grey trip
When one year ago I was wondering if contacting a Wedding Planner would have been the right choice, I was just losing time, the answer is YES, YES and once again YES!!! Welcoming on board Manuela as first officer for the organization of our wedding was the best decision ever!!! Thanks to her huge experience, coordination, great precision and flexibility everything was perfectly arrange for our wonderful take off. Every single details got eventually real under our eyes and the result was amazing!! Thanks for helping us to make our dream come true!!
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