Sif Jakobs Jewellery Mesterlodden 23 2820, Gentofte, Denmark

Sif Jakobs Jewellery

Sif Jakobs Jewellery Mesterlodden 23 2820, Gentofte, Denmark


Sif Jakobs is the bubbling personality behind the brand Sif Jakobs Jewellery. Sif Jakobs has always had a passion for beautiful design and for creating exceptional things.

Her lifestyle, instinctive sense for quality and design contribute to her glamorous design that adds a touch of luxury to everyday life.
With her brand, Sif Jakobs the designer wanted to create affordable jewellery that was available for all women. 

The brand's mantra is to let yourself shine, and this is also why zirconia stones are a big part of the design DNA. Jewellery without several sparkling zirconia is quite rare in the Sif Jakobs Jewellery Collections. 

Sif Jakobs

People and architecture are constant sources of inspiration, which is reflected in the elegant clean lines of her collections. 

Sif Jakob's designs jewellery she would wear and treasure herself.
“I love jewellery that adds glamour to a woman’s look. This is why my jewellery always sparkles and stand out. I wish to create jewellery that gives a feeling of luxury and make women shine, especially on their wedding day.  I hope that my jewellery will add joy and sparkle to all the lovely brides. 

Jewellery for the bride
The jewellery for your wedding must be absolutely perfect! Just like everything else must be on this important day.

Sif Jakobs

Your wedding day is the day you will remember forever. The day that you will literally look at again and again and you will see yourself in a large part of the photographs. That is why your jewellery is essential and, in our opinion, just as important as your dress, your shoes and your hair.

The jewellery you wear will not just make you beautiful it will also carry your story. The exceptional thing is that you will most likely wear your wedding jewellery again and again unlike your dress and be reminded of this beautiful day. You will think about why they were chosen and how beautiful they made you feel on your wedding day.

The Sif Jakobs Jewellery pieces below are chosen because of their elegant and classic look. 

These are pieces you can wear for the first time on your wedding day, which will add a sophisticated touch to your attire. 

The Sardinien Necklace in sterling silver

The Sardinien necklace in silver is an elegant necklace perfect for bridal occasions.
The classic chain with a round facet cut transparent zirconia stone, almost looks like a floating zirconia stone, pretty and perfect. It’s charming and it doesn’t steal too much attention from your big day.

The minimal design complements your face and neck and is easy to style with your wedding band and engagement ring. 

The necklace is designed with an adjustable chain so you don’t need to worry about the right length when deciding on this necklace. The Sardinien necklace has the option of being worn with a 42cm, which is the most common necklace length. However, should you prefer a longer version then this is also available to you. You can simply extend the chain by 5 cm. Which will give you a longer necklace and maybe a better fit for your dress. 

Sif Jakobs

The material is 925 Sterling silver with rhodium, polished surface and facet cut white zirconia.
Necklace measurements: Diameter 4 mm, Chain length 42 cm + 5 cm

The necklace is also available in gold plated silver if you’re looking for a golden look. 

The Amore Uno Necklace in rosegold with zirconia stone. 

The pretty heart-shaped necklace in rose gold plated sterling silver is such a lovely symbol for your wedding day. It’s all about the love on this day, and this heart necklace states this like nothing else.

The necklace is made of 18 karats rose gold plated 925 Sterling silver, polished surface and facet cut white zirconia.

You can wear it long or short as the chain has an adjustable length from 42 cm + 5 cm.

The heart pendant measures, height 8 mm, Width 8,5 mm, Chain length 42 cm + 5 cm


Sif Jakobs Jewellery Mesterlodden 23 2820, Gentofte, Denmark
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Sif Jakobs Jewellery Mesterlodden 23 2820, Gentofte, Denmark
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