The diversity of Switzerland and the short distances from cities to lakes and mountains allows you and your guest to experience the contrasts of Switzerland on the occasion of your wedding.

Are you looking for the wedding destination of your dreams? Switzerland is a perfect choice. The breath-taking scenery offers the ideal background for your ever-lasting memories, a large choice of locations ranging from castles on the lake shore surrounded by palm trees to mountain huts in the eternal snow, to an estate in the vineyards or a park of a romantic hotel with style.


Conveniently located.

With its central location within Europe and good flight connections to Zurich and Geneva from all over the world, Switzerland is the ideal choice for guests travelling from afar. It’s easy to reach as well as to travel around.

Switzerland Tourism


Romance in the snow.

The scenery in winter is simply magical: a snow-covered landscape, candles and a peaceful atmosphere will set the scene for your wedding.

Switzerland Tourism


Pure romance.

Planning the big moment of the proposal means thinking about location.

And it doesn’t get more idyllic than Switzerland; find a place to be just the two of you in nature and let the colourful landscape be the perfect setting.


Expect the unexpected.

  • What about having your wedding ceremony in a cable car while going up a mountain?
  • Or in an igloo?
  • Can you imagine saying yes while cruising on one of our lakes?
  • Or renting a castle for your big day?
  • Switzerland offers plenty of ideas!

Switzerland Tourism


Fun for your guests.

Your friends and relatives will enjoy the many activities that can be organised in Switzerland.
Outdoor sports for adventurers, unique museums for intellectuals or gastronomic tours for connoisseurs.


Breathtaking backgrounds. Imagine thumbing through your photo album and seeing yourselves posing with majestic mountains, a romantic lake or a picturesque Swiss town in the background.


Pre-wedding pictures.

Take time to get the best pictures of your life: a pre-wedding photoshoot in Switzerland will make for incredible memories that you and your partner can cherish.

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