2013 Wedding Trends

We have just heard It’s The Agency hottest trends predictions for 2013.  They  arrange weddings at some of the most exclusive London venues. As they help couples research, organise, their special day, from photographers, florists, caterers, chefs, and venues they know what is hot and what is not.

Flowers: Gypsophila is back and it’s big! Often known as Babies Breath, this delicate flower is making a big come back when used en-masse for a vintage look that is all the rage, says florist Samantha Davis. It is perfect for the vintage look, lasts for a long time, and offers great value for money.

Other vintage trends, says Claudia of Purple Tiger Floral Design, are the use of personalised eclectic vases such as tea caddies, antique heirlooms, perfume bottles, snuff boxes, pill boxes, cigarette cases, and christening mugs to hold flowers. Alternatively collections of small, clear vases at different heights and shapes, look great when each is filled with a different type of flower in the same colour. Other clever vintage tricks include using unique centre pieces, such as jewellery boxes, bird cages, or shoes filed with blousy blooms, or a Grace Kelly inspired display using lace, satin, and pearls in iridescent colours.

2013 Wedding Trends
2013 Wedding Trends

Photography: vintage props. There are great accessories like old gramophones, and telephones for a vintage look, says wedding photographer Douglas Fry. There are several trends this year – particularly a 1920’s or 1950’s vintage look.

Cakes: the Will and Kate legacy has seen a return to royal iced piping and elaborate ornate features. The royal wedding and royal icing go hand in hand, says cake maker Nicola Hall of Hall of Cakes – think lots of Royal iced piping and ornate features, with beautiful sugar flowers and delicate blossoms.

Entertainment: get ready to go loopy. A loop pedal allows a single musician to layer tracks (either instruments or vocals) on top of each other live to create a full sounding piece of music. Acts like Ed Sheeran and Owen Pallett have been using loop pedals during their live performances in recent years and this idea is starting to filter into our auditions, says Alice Chorley of Sternberg Clarke. Acts like Next Big Thing winner Iona Thomas are using an electric harp, guitar and loop pedal to create music that’s more wedding friendly than a typical loop pedal user.

And now weddings are starting to benefit. The real draw is that it offers a host of options for people dealing with space or budget issues when booking wedding entertainment, allowing one person to do the job of many. Whole not a replacement for a full band, it’s an innovative and quirky touch for modern weddings

Dining: hit the street. Food trucks are the latest rage for late night snacks – everything from ice cream, donuts, tacos, to barbecue and more, says Chef Gary Devereaux from Ampersand Catering. And now the wedding scene is hitting the same trend. Street food has taken the UK by storm – with salt beef sliders, chorizo and mackerel burgers, Vietnamese Banh Mi, and sourdough doughnuts just some examples of the stunning food on sale in the capital at sensational prices. The common denominator is that they are all exceptionally high quality, sensational value for money and hugely versatile when it comes to serving large crowds. For the ultra-hip London food vibe, forget the formal dinner and get yourself a food truck.

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