3 Original Ideas for Your Hen Do

When you and the ladies are looking for something different, you may want to consider 3 original ideas for your hen do and pick one. No one said that you cannot do all of them on different nights for something fun and exciting to do on a night out even after the wedding. One thing that you may want to think about is a class.

You will find that there are many classes you can take and you can go during the day or in the evening. Learn about cooking and cuisine (every bride-to-be need to know her way around the kitchen) or perhaps learn about wines. If you really want to be bold go for a pole dancing class or even salsa dancing.

hen girls

Thinking back to the time when you were little girls, we all role played one way or another. Perhaps the bride to be was a fairy princess and loved to run through the forest. Or perhaps you just loved to have pyjama parties and get together where you did each other’s nails and hair while listening to the music too loud and ate lots of food. You could take a stroll down memory lane with these ideas for hen nights in London and rent a few good chick flicks, by a bottle of champagne, pull out the bunny pj’s and nail polish and reminisce. Of course, you could always do this at a fancy hotel and spice it up a little now that you are all grown up!

For the ladies that enjoy the outdoors and are not worried about messing up their hair and nails, you could always go for a weekend that is spent in the ocean surfing, bundle up and hit the ski slopes or perhaps you can hit your favorite amusement park and ride the rides without a care in the world.

You can turn any of these ideas into hen party themes and add to it. Costumes and accessories will really enhance your party and make it more fun. Everyone likes to play dress up now and again and this gives you ladies the excuse to do so without the need to feel out of place or embarrassed. The bride is full of excitement and things to do. It may seem difficult to make the decisions that will keep everyone happy but the only people that really matter are the bride and groom. Of course, the bride comes first in everything.

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