5 questions to ask when choosing a videographer

We asked Kissing Gate Video for some key questions you should ask when you are deciding on a videographer.  Kissing Gate Video don’t believe that documenting your wedding is simply filming everything that happens.

They don’t adhere to a set list of shots that are perceived to be important in a wedding video, they value that each wedding is personal to the couple, so they take care to capture moments that define your wedding day.

5 questions to ask when choosing a videographer

1. Hire a professional. It seems obvious, but your dress, cake, hair and makeup, car, flowers and photography are all done by professionals. A video shot on a handycam from the back of the church will be painful to watch.

2. Always meet or at least speak to your videographer before the big day comes around. Not only will this put you at ease when being filmed but it
will give you an idea of their personality. After all, this person will be spending the vast majority of the day with you and your guests.

3. Check how the audio will be recorded. Wireless mics are a must for vows in the church. Whilst your little niece is adorable in the front row, we
don’t want to hear her wailing through your most important speech of the day!

4. Make sure you get your money’s worth. Lower prices may be tempting, but the chances are that the finished product won’t be up to standard. By the same token, highest prices don’t always mean best quality.

5. Check as many samples as you can. Most videography company’s websites will have numerous sample videos to be viewed. If you would like your video to look like one in the videographer’s samples, you know you are already half way there.

See Kissing Gate Video for more details.