A Fine Collection Of Couture Bridal Veils

Today we have a real treat for you, as it is all about couture veils beaded embroidery, silk embellishments and rare stones. If you are looking for inspiration on cage veils, long and short beaded veils, long and short lace mantillas we have a great selection to show you.

Lace Veil

Being half Persian myself I am very excited to introduce to you Homa Pirouz who is internationally recognized as one of the foremost designers of couture bridal veils, headpieces and accessories.

Long Lace Bridal Veil

Raised in the Middle East in a creative family of artisans, Homa’s appreciation of fine art inspired her to begin custom-making accessories in her home outside New York City. Launching her first formal collection in the early nineties, Homa’s unique designs and fabrications immediately differentiated her style from other bridal designers.

Short Lace Bridal Veil

Her luxurious bridal collection soon gained the attention of the most exclusive boutiques and accredited press in the United States and abroad.

Homa Bridal Lace Veil

Today, Homa’s use of European lace patterns, beaded embroidery, silk embellishments and rare stones has established her as a pioneer in the design of sophisticated high-end bridal accessories. Homa integrates classic elegance with the oldest traditions of couture craftsmanship.

Floral Bridal Head Accessory

The HOMA Bridal collection is distributed throughout exclusive department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue in New York / Beverly Hills and AlOthman in Kuwait as well as select boutiques throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

  • View the collection at homabridal.com
  • Images courtesy of Our Studio Productions