A White, White Wedding at Hazelwood Castle

A White, White Wedding at Hazelwood Castle 1FNS Weddings are often asked during booking consultations “What happens if it rains?” but they don’t recall ever being asked, “What happens if it snows?”  Of course, the recent blanket of snow covering the UK did affect some wedding couples – who really didn’t expect their white wedding to be quite so white!

For FNS Weddings it added an extra dimension and another photo opportunity, the most challenging part was for them being able to carry the cameras around and stay upright on the untreated ice beneath the snow!  For there couples, it meant that planning was key to getting the most from their wedding day photography.

The one common thing their couples share – besides a wedding of course – is a keen interest in their wedding photography.  To this end, they have planned, mostly by email, the day with them to ensure that every tiny detail which is important to them will be recorded there.  So when FNS Weddings had snow forecast for Carole and Neils’ wedding at Hazlewood Castle in Yorkshire it was another aspect they talked about in the planning meeting.

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Tom Ford – Sophisticated style icon