Spotlight on Adam Alex – UK’s leading wedding photographer
Spotlight on Adam Alex – UK’s leading wedding photographer

Spotlight on Adam Alex – UK’s leading wedding photographer

Adam Alex has had a swift rise to success and this has placed him as one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers. Adams reputation for capturing intimate, passionate and signature is what his reputation is built upon. Adam has taken UK wedding photography to new heights and along the way he has developed his unique captivating fine art style that is in high demand.

Adam Alex
Adam Alex

Within this time he was consistently investing time and effort in developing his style and building his brand Adam Alex Photography; he wanted to offer a style of photography that was vibrant and fashion- based. Adam’s ethic of Innovation is the key to keeping on top in the industry and keeping his clients fulfilled and coming back for more.

Adam Alex is also the principle photographer and director of XSiGHT UK, specializing in contemporary wedding photography. XSiGHT is the worlds most award winning image makers with 6 studios Internationally.

Adam Alex

5 Star Weddings: Why did you become a wedding photographer?

Adam Alex: I got into wedding photography because opportunities arose at the time. But most importantly I love shooting people. I love the pressure on the day, the buzz, the atmosphere, the emotions and capturing moments.

Adam Alex

5 Star Weddings: What is your style of photography?

Adam Alex: Vibrant and glamorous with classic elements

5 Star Weddings: What is your biggest achievement to date?

Adam Alex: Opening my new company XSiGHT ‘Photography and Video’, as well as running a string of very successful workshops and seminars. I also work very closely with Graphistudio as their UK ambassador.

Adam Alex

5 Star Weddings: What was the coolest wedding you have shot?

Adam Alex: There is not a single wedding that stands out. All my clients are important and they all understand my vision and we all have a great relationship.

Adam Alex

5 Star Weddings: What should a couple ask when choosing a photographer?

Adam Alex: A couple should just be clear about their investment i.e. products and services as well as the reputation and profile of their photographer

5 Star Weddings: How would you like to see wedding photography change in the industry?

Adam Alex: I’d like to see wedding photography increase in its quality and reputation. I’d like to see photographers respecting their trade and educating their clients on the importance of their wedding album and what sentimental value it holds. Brides should not believe everything that they read as many articles would undervalue wedding photography when it is in fact an art form and the most important element of their wedding day.

Adam Alex

5 Star Weddings: What is the best image of a couple you have shot?

Adam Alex: There is not one particular image that I could say is better than any other, however I like to have fun when shooting my couples and for my couples to be completely relaxed and confident that their finished product would be amazing. It is my job as a photographer to deliver a product that the client will cherish for the rest of their lives. It is not about my needs but about my clients and our relationship.

Adam Alex

5 Star Weddings: How far in advance should a couple book a photographer?

Adam Alex: It depends on the demands of the photographer, but I would say at least a year.

5 Star Weddings: What do you think makes a 5 Star Wedding?

Adam Alex: Love, passion, fun, ambiance, and a really cool couple!

Adam Alex

5 Star Weddings: What do you predict couples will want from their photographs next year?

Adam Alex: What we continue to do – produce amazing wedding photography!

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