Must Read Do’s And Don’ts Advice On Your Bridesmaids

FlutterFly Events, lets 5 Star weddings have some do’s and dont’s advice on your bridesmaids. Seamless wedding planning, attention to detail, and signature touches make Flutterfly Events every discerning bride’s first choice.

Bridesmaids The Movie
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Do make sure you’re up for the job emotionally and financially. Less damage will be done to your friendship if you kindly decline a bridesmaid rather than accepting and not living up to the responsibilities.

Do: Check in with the bride every month by giving her a call and asking how you can help.  This may seem tedious and unnerving as to what will happen next, but most of the time the bride is just looking for emotional support and that phone call will mean the world to her.

Do: On the wedding day you need to look after the bride to make sure she’s a happier version of herself. Get her a drink if her glass if empty, tell her when she needs a new coat of lipstick, and replace her louboutins with a pair of flip flops when her feet start to ache.

Don’t: Don’t disappear throughout the planning process and especially on the wedding day. You’ve accepted a supporting role so you need to live up to it. I’ve witnessed far too many bridesmaids consume an excessive amount of alcohol and ignore all bridesmaid responsibilities on the wedding day.

Don’t: Don’t get too inebriated on the wedding day. You are there to represent the bride and her family. Likewise, don’t complain or badmouth anyone on the day. Smile for the camera!

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