Choccywoccydoodah Open Iconic Chocolaterie In London

Choccywoccydoodah are pleased to announce the opening of their iconic chocolaterie in London on Saturday March 17th 2012. Based in the Newburgh Quarter of Carnaby, at 30-32 Fouberts Place in a former tobacco factory and brewery, Choccywoccydoodah are determined to assail Soho with a whole new level of naughty self indulgences and eccentric style.

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The ground floor of this London Emporium will house the retail chocolaterie, crammed with handmade chocolate, cakes for every reason and incredible sculptures in a unique and decadent setting.

Choccywoccydoodah Mary had a little Lamb
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A dedicated consultation area for ordering the infamous Bespoke cakes is situated within the shop, surrounded by extraordinary works of edible art.

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Upstairs there is a camp and kitsch chocolate bar serving pure hot chocolates, ice cream sundaes and cake as far as the eye can see. The massive windows afford an opportunity to watch the world go by whilst attentive staff create chocolate fantasies on a plate.

Choccywoccydoodah Skulls
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Above all the chocolatey hullabaloo is Boudoir. A large private room dedicated to the enjoyment of all things chocolate, in limitless amounts served by dedicated staff. Sensual and sensational, the Boudoir is an experience never to be forgotten. Of course, by appointment only.