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Sasha Souza took time out of her busy schedule to give us some great tips and advice for you all planning your luxury wedding. Sasha Souza is a Celebrity wedding coordinator, event planner, bridal consultant, destination wedding planner and weddings designer.

5 Star Weddings: Can you please tell us what your company specialises in?

We specialise in designing the overall feeling & flow of the event including designing the look of the flowers, invitations, linens and table-scape as well as coordinating all of the vendor orchestration.

Wedding Inspiration
Wedding Inspiration – Rustic

5 Star Weddings: What sort of changes have you experienced in your field of business in the last decade?

The wedding world is a complete 360 from when I started 15 years ago.  Couples are more focused on the guest experience and on the personalisation of the event.  They are less interested in settling for what the site has and more interested in making the event their very own.  Vendors are also more tuned into the finer details and customising their events for the couples.  Caterers don’t work off of their list as much as create a menu using all the likes/dislikes of the couple.  The overall flow & timeline are more focused on the guest experience than what the couple want as well.

Wedding Mood Board
Wedding Inspiration – Bling

5 Star Weddings: As you know we have over 100,000 brides visiting our website monthly. They are all interested to know what are the latest trends in weddings?

People are definitely wanting to party – so they are sometimes opting for less traditional music played by traditional musicians – example would be three violins playing a song by Journey as the exit.  I’ve also had a ceremony where the bride had a percussionist playing a xylophone during the ceremony as she walked into the theme of song from Moulin Rouge.  What’s so great about this is that it gets the guests involved in the experience and the memories are more instilled in the guests as being atypical.

Sit down dinners seem to be moving out-of-the-way of tapas style and family style dinners.   People want variety and the couple want abundant amount of food at the same time.  The little composed course is out and the plentiful is in.  Monograms EVERYWHERE are definitely out.  The wedding isn’t looked as such a branding experience with regard to the initials but instead couples are branding their wedding with the boho-chic look & graphic design.

Decor that’s hot right now include the anthropology inspired decor mixed and matched patterns will continue to be a hot trend.  Brides are definitely looking to the past for their individual style.  Couples are all about mixing and matching everything including the suits of the groomsmen.  It’s much harder to design it so it looks cohesive but is definitely a much more fun look!

Wedding Mood Board - Mosiac
Wedding Mood Board – Mosiac

5 Star Weddings: How is the psychology of colour used when planning a wedding?

Different colours evoke different emotions.  By using certain colours in your wedding, you can create certain ambiance to make people feel comfortable, hungry and even excited. By utilising colours you like best you will create an overall psychological effect of “being in your happy place.”  My book Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design is the only wedding book that has devoted an entire chapter to colour for those wanting to exploring different colour schemes and understand their meanings.

Wedding Inspiration
Wedding Inspiration – Rose

5 Star Weddings: Are brides influenced by celebrity weddings or do they choose their own theme?

There is always an influence with celebrity – because celebrities are known to be style setters with regard to fashion.  I think that while celebrities still set trends there are also cutting edge brides out there who are also big trend & style setters themselves.  Because of the nature of instant gratification of blogs, Twitter & Facebook those trends are becoming more prevalent earlier.

Wedding Planning
Wedding Inspiration – Vintage Outdoors

5 Star Weddings: Can you please give us your insight on where and how should a bride spend her budget?

Being a designer, I believe that you need a balanced budget.  You shouldn’t spend more on your photographer, for example, if you can’t afford your flowers because they won’t have anything to shoot.  You shouldn’t spend more on your flowers than your catering because the food will be something guests would remember.  Hire a DJ instead of a band if it means that you can have the lighting that will make your event sparkle.  It’s all in balance with each other.

Wedding Ideas
Wedding Inspiration – Ivory

5 Star Weddings: Any tips on planning the big day?

Relax and realise that this isn’t THE most important day of your life…it’s one of many important days that will occur in a lifetime.  So, not sweating the small stuff is very important & crucial in enjoying the day.  Also remember that your guests do not remember what you “”DID” ” not select of all the options.  They will just know what a beautiful day you’ve planned.

Celebrity vintage Weddings - Wedding Inspiration - Garden
Wedding Inspiration – Garden

5 Star Weddings: Obviously in your line of work you have worked with celebs – which celebrity wedding stands out for you?

Too many to mention.

Wedding Colours - Wedding Inspiration - Romance
Wedding Inspiration – Romance

5 Star Weddings: Which celebrity wedding would you like to organise?

I’d be first in line for Prince Harry’s wedding…Buckingham Palace can call me anytime!  I love the pomp & circumstance of weddings and theirs would be amazing celebrations.

Wedding Colours - Wedding Inspiration - The Outdoors
Wedding Inspiration – The Outdoors

5 Star Weddings: In your opinion what make a 5 Star Wedding?

My 5 Star Wedding would have to be very intimate, beautifully designed and has amazing food & drink. Guests would be able to dance, laugh, mingle and have an overall great time.  I love ceremonies that include the guests in the experience and abundant amount of hors d’oeuvres.

Wedding Mood Board - After Dark
Wedding Mood Board – After Dark

5 Star Weddings: Signature Sasha:  Magnificent Weddings by Design is your latest book title. What is the book all about?

This stunning, hard cover wedding design book features  beautiful photography of all aspects of wedding design, including never before seen weddings designed by Sasha Souza Events. A culmination of my many years  as a top wedding designer, Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design provides brides & grooms, event planners, caterers, designers and florists  with unique design inspiration and is the first book of its kind to offer  details on event design from inspiration to execution. Signature Sasha:  Magnificent Weddings by Design not only  provides stunning to use for inspiration, but is also chock full of guidance  on how to go about creating events that are one of a kind.  Comprehensive advice ranging from colour couture, to floral; to creating inspiration board allows the reader to dream  about their ideal wedding design.

Visit Sasha Souza Events for more details.

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