Bridesmaid Fashion Trend that is set to be big in 2020

This time of year lends itself to trend predictions being released by leading wedding suppliers, who are able to give couples a sneak forecast as to what is expected to be popular and widely in demand for the year ahead.

As we nudge closer and closer to not only a brand new year but a whole new decade, couples who are planning to get married in 2020 may well be starting to think about what trend predictions may make an appearance at their very own wedding.

When it comes to bridesmaid fashion predictions, 5 Star Weddings caught up with the internationally recognised bridesmaid and prom dress brand,

Bridesmaid Fashion Trend that is set to be big in 2020

Mr. Alan Dessy, the CEO of Dessy told 5 Star Weddings that the way brides have been shopping for bridesmaid dresses this year in 2019 has changed and the company has been following for many many months now this shift in purchasing behaviours and have as a result launched a brand new, innovative product to meet with this growing demand.

So what is this new trend and demand?

Mr. Dessy continues, “It’s been quite a common trend over the past few years for the bride to have two sometimes three wedding dress changes on her big day but when it comes to bridesmaids, its often the norm for just 1 dress for the whole day for the maids. However, we’ve seen this past year, more and more brides choosing a more formal bridesmaid dress for their maids for the ceremony and reception in a neutral / pastel fabric and then purchasing a second style of bridesmaid dress for the evening – often in a shorter style and in a more vibrant / bolder colour”.

Bridesmaid Fashion Trend that is set to be big in 2020

What could the reason be behind this? Mr Dessy states, “I think the reason for this is more and more couples are turning the evening into a really fun, party atmosphere with greater emphasis on a party experience, live entertainment, great food and when it comes to the maids, the bride wants her maids to get into the party spirit and feel like they can let their hair done without feeling restrictive in a more formal bridesmaid gown”.

By having an option for maids to slip into a dress for an evening do that perhaps feels less like a bridesmaid dress and more like a cocktail / party dress sounds like a great idea to us!

Bridesmaid Fashion Trend that is set to be big in 2020
Bridesmaid Fashion Trend that is set to be big in 2020

With Dessy’s newly launched Loop Dress which is ONE dress that can be converted and worn in 13 different ways, brides don’t have to worry about having to pay out for 2 dresses per bridesmaids if this is a trend that they want to adopt.

The Loop Dress is perfect for your bridesmaids who not only want to change their look from day to night but also a way to fit their own unique style; perfect for any occasion, style, personality or fit. With different colour and length options you can keep everyone happy and without breaking the wedding bank!

Is this a trend you can see your bridesmaids wanting to follow?