Classic Blue – Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

In the increasingly chaotic and turbulent world we find ourselves living in, with dire warnings of irreparable damage to our environment, Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as a sort of antidote – a colour that represents stability, restfulness and dependability.

floral fantasy classic blue wedding invitation from £5

Ananya know that classic blue has long been associated with the corporate world to reflect reliability, responsibility and longevity.

In wedding stationery, the enduring nature of a marriage can be beautifully captured by the timeless elegance and simplicity offered by classic blue. It’s equally appealing for a traditional wedding or as a foundation on which other hues and tones can be layered to suit a bridal couple’s taste and personality.

mandala love classic blue thank you card from £4

Classic Blue becomes sophistication exemplified with metallic touches of gold, silver or copper – or the epitome of soft and demure with watercolours and monochrome tones.

We love seeing Classic Blue with bright and blush pinks as well as orange.

Whatever colour combinations you choose, whatever background colour you start with, Classic Blue will not let you down – it is dependable and adaptable with an enduring appeal. It’s a great choice!

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