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A Most Curious Party… Is A New Vintage Crockery


Vintage enthusiast Rebecca Hoh-Hale set up A Most Curious Party…after spending two years collecting all sorts of weird and wonderful Objet d’Arts for her own wedding. ‘I love the clothes, hairstyles, make up, home-ware and design from the Victorian age to the 50s’ says Rebecca, ‘ I am all for weddings that reflect the couples’ individual personalities, so I knew our day would need to have a quirky look, harking back to a bygone-era. And for me that took its cue from Alice in Wonderland, faded glamour, VE-Day celebrations and an old English country fete!’

a1d37b05a31e279890291f574823c875Rebecca, who is also assistant editor on interior design magazine idfx, sourced all the pieces to create the look and now hires them out for weddings, hen parties, photo-shoots, tea parties, tea dances, romantic picnics, fetes, birthdays, BBQs and commercial events.

The team can also come along to serve tea and homemade cakes, in vintage dress at events too, if an old fashioned tea party is what you are after.

Items include a working gramophone, home made bunting, chintzy crockery, tablecloths, vases, fabric, peacock feathers, wallpaper, strange and beautiful ornaments, artwork, music from the 20s-50s and other vintage decorations. A Most Curious Party… can also come to the event location and style the occasion too.

‘I would have loved to have found everything I wanted in one place and to have someone on hand who understood the look I wanted when I was planning my day,’ 28 year old Rebecca describes, ‘so now, I can be that someone for others!’

Adding to the collection is now verging on a personal obsession for Rebecca, but luckily that means if you would like to have an event that has this kind of style, all the leg work is done for you, no more scouring car boot sales, antique shops or eBay. Vintage style items can also be sourced on request, no matter how obscure, to ensure your event really is A Most Curious Party…

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