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Lesley Chittayaynon tells us why her British Know-How Makes Planning a Far East Wedding a piece of cake!

1) 5 Star Weddings: Tell us a bit about what couples can expect from Tropical Weddings Thailand.

Tropical Weddings Thailand: As a Westerner having lived in Thailand for almost ten years, I often find myself giving advice and recommendations to visitors, now I have established my own company I can back this up with expert planning, negotiated prices and handpicked locations for every style of event. We are dedicated to coordinating events which are as unique as every couple and exceed their expectations! The most important aspect of our service is our attention to detail – every couple is unique – therefore their wedding should reflect them wholly, so we create wedding ceremony set-ups which are one of a kind. This is very different to resorts and local wedding planners who tend to roll out the same designs again and again.

Weddings In Thailand
Weddings In Thailand

2) 5 Star Weddings: Is a wedding in Thailand expensive compared to the rest of the world?

Tropical Weddings Thailand: Thailand is one of the most popular locations for a destination wedding in terms of value for money, stunning locations, luxury honeymoon resorts at affordable prices, world-renowned hospitality and an abundance of both family and couple-based activities, including spa culture.

3) 5 Star Weddings: You organise settings for proposals – tell us what your favourite spot in Thailand is for a proposal?

Tropical Weddings Thailand: This is quite personal and in our experience, it varies from helicopter rides to deep sea dives! We are very flexible and willing to work with every couple to create the setting they wish. My personal favorite is a good old candlelit dinner under the stars with the waves gracing the shore, surrounded by candles buried in the sand, and a personal chef serving up delicious Thai dishes!

Weddings In Thailand
Weddings In Thailand

4) Is it possible to have a legal marriage ceremony in Thailand or do you need to marry in the UK first?

Tropical Weddings Thailand: Yes, we have a very reputable agent in Bangkok who will escort you to your embassy then complete the process while you relax on the beach. Their service also includes converting your Thai wedding certificate into a certified English translation, so it is legal in your own country.

Get married in Thailand
Get married in Thailand

5) What makes a wedding in Thailand so special (ie flowers, location, weather, activities like sailing etc)

Tropical Weddings Thailand: The tropical location is the best part – I’m not sure anywhere compares to Krabi in terms of this. It is simply stunning! Krabi offers beaches, islands, hot springs, lush rainforest, mangroves, mountains and a vibrant coral reef. No matter whether your group is families, retired grandparents or couples, we cater for all and can arrange welcome activities to suit a broad range of preference and age groups. In terms of flowers, we can incorporate tropical flowers at rates that are impossible abroad, so you can have your favourite exotic flower in abundance.

Weddings In Thailand
Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Thailand

6) 5 Star Weddings: Is it necessary for couples to visit Thailand first to view the venues or locations they are considering?

Tropical Weddings Thailand:It isn’t necessary at all, that’s what we are here for! We are online on a daily basis and can provide both email and skype replies within 24 hours. While it is ideal to visit the location in a home country before booking, we provide a service which means you can hear our expert and independent opinion before making a decision about your wedding abroad. We work independently and only with the venues which deliver on all aspects. We have already weeded out the resorts which don’t deliver and can guide you through working with the cream of the crop!

Happy Couple In Thailand
Newly Wed In Thailand

7) 5 Star Weddings: Wedding planning in Thailand sounds like a dream job! How did you get into it?

Tropical Weddings Thailand: My career is definitely blessed with a lot more highs than the average job – simply from the level of love and happiness it involves! I previously worked in PR and Event Planning so I have all the skills to coordinate and arrange spectacular events! I’m also an amateur photographer so I can ensure the set-up and wedding photos are excellent. I have a BA Hons degree in Media and Cultural Studies, so I’m a good communicator on every level – our brides range from Siberian to Scandinavian, and I can provide testimonials in many languages! But most importantly – I held my wedding in this amazing country and I am always so overjoyed to help couples create the same magic!

Luxury Wedding Planners
Luxury Wedding Planner Thailand

8 What is your favourite part of the job?

Tropical Weddings Thailand:My absolute favourite moment is when the bride and groom are announced husband and wife, kiss and then the toast! This is usually at sunset and the feeling is so intimate regardless whether it involves 50 guests or is just the coulple! And of course this is the moment the sun is setting – this is what it’s all about!

Destination Weddings
Lush Waterfalls In Thailand

9) Are long-haul destination weddings becoming more popular do you think?

Tropical Weddings Thailand:Yes, it is definitely becoming a popular option as opposed to an expensive family wedding. I think in the present financial climate spending your wedding day with your closest members of family and friends and waking up on your honeymoon is a undoubtedly a better option than spending a huge amount of money on a huge family wedding, and sacrificing both time with much loved guests and that all essential honeymoon!

Thailand Honeymoon
Weddings are all about the detail

10) What in your opinion makes a 5 Star Wedding?

Tropical Weddings Thailand:Essentially when it all comes together, in the order and style of the couple who are getting married – that is the ultimate wedding! We are so flexible, as we understand every wedding is as unique as each couple – and that is our pleasure! There isn’t an exact definition and that’s what makes every wedding special and our job so amazing!

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