Natural Glow Fresh Makeup By Dior

I am just loving this foundation by Dior.  We are very lucky receive so many wonderful beauty products by top branded names, however, I  have found it very difficult to find my perfect foundation until now!

By blending ultra-sophisticated technology with precious ingredients, new Diorskin Nude makeup reproduces the illusion of naturally beautiful, glowing bare skin that never appears made up.

Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup Fluid 10 SPF
Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup Fluid 10 SPF

The instant and effortless illusion of absolutely bare skin.  Within the new formulas, an infinite number of micro-droplets of water capture and reflect light thanks to the interplay of layers of translucent materials that also obscure imperfections. The foundation is imperceptible, the complexion sublime, luminous and ultra-natural.

Day after day, the skin becomes more beautiful even without makeup. Exceptionally rich in precious minerals, vitamins and trace elements, water acts as a veritable moisturizing and energizing cocktail for the skin.

70% of women tested found that their skin became more beautiful over time, even without makeup. The performance observed by these women was confirmed by dermatologists during clinical studies. Test for effectiveness on 30 women during a 4-week period of daily application.

Dior innovates by introducing for the first time a range of foundations formulated with active Mineralized Water. This eau de beauté was custom-made in perfect affinity with cellular water. It activates the benefits of the minerals contained in water and becomes a true energy cocktail for the skin.

The formulas were optimized with ingredients chosen for their perfect compatibility with the skin, to maintain hydration levels and make the complexion soft, even-toned and radiant.

4 major mineral elements complemented by 4 active ingredients Mineral Elements (Act on the cellular metabolism):
1. Magnesium: Promotes the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.
2. Coppers: Improves dermal collagen & boosts anti-free radical action.
3. Zinc: Cellular renewal and promotes skin healing. Defensive action against free radicals.
4. Manganese: a by-product of rhodolite (semi-precious stone), accelerates the synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates and improves cohesion between the dermis and epidermis (the dermo-epidermic junction).

4 active ingredients reinforce the benefits of the minerals:
1. Vitamin C: Stimulates biosynthesis of collagen & maximizes photo-protective defence of skin against the sun.
2. Vitamin E: Strengthens anti-oxidant defences of cellular membranes.
3. Sensiline: A linen extract that protects against oxidizing UVA rays and reduces skin irritation.
4. Sericine: Derived from silk, rich in hydrophic amino acids which regulate skin hydration and smooth the skin.

Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist on the bare faces of 30 women, to determine the action of the fluid foundation, after 4 weeks of daily application, according to 5 universal criteria* of “beautiful skin”.

+ 26 % Hydration
+ 29 % Radiance
+ 40 % Evenness of skin tone
+35 % Softness of skin
+ 37 % Smoothness of skin

Results show a global improvement in skin quality of + 27 %

Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup Fluid 10 SPF

Containing nearly 40% water, this fluid foundation offers an instant sensation of well-being. Skin appears fresher, silky and feels more comfortable. Thanks to micro-droplets of water, this foundation’s coverage is lighter than a more “classic” fluid formula, even as it evens out the complexion and makes it appear more radiant and transparent. With daily use, the skin becomes more beautiful for an ever more natural and radiant result than upon first application.

Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Make-up £31.00

010 Ivory, 022 Cameo 031 Sand 020 Light Beige 023 Peach 032 Rosy Beige 021 Linen 030 Medium Beige 040 Honey Beige