Fabulous Wedding Favour Bags

We have just heard about this wonderful brand new collection of luxurious gift bags for special soirées that we thought we would share with you. The ring’s on your finger, the castle’s booked and the Vera Wang is on order. All you need now are the finer details that will make your wedding or event truly unique.

Wedding Favours
Lace Wedding Favour Bags

India Hares designs and makes a collection of uniquely beautiful gift bags for weddings, parties and events. Choose from a selection of colour popping fabrics. daring designs, or something macabre for the devil in you.

Wedding favours
Velvet Wedding Favour Bags

Fabulous Favour Bags was born from India’s pursuit of the perfect gift bag for her wedding in Ibiza in the Summer of 2011. Failing to find anything truly different on the high street she took matters into her own hands and went on to create what is now a unique range of luxury party bags. India’s first three collections; ‘Till Death us Do Part, ‘Runaway Bride’ and ‘Velvet Lovers’, pair super chic fabrics with luxurious ribbon.

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