Ferdinand Concept Italy’s Most Luxurious Wedding Dress Designer

Ferdinand began his artistic studies in his country of origin, on the slopes of Vesuvius, showing from an early age great talent in drawing. After high school at the State Institute of Art, he decided to deepen the art of make-up and at the age of 18 years old, he began to make up many brides. His artistic talents do not end there, always at a young age begins to pursue a career as a dancer of ballet, so, on various occasions, including competitions, competitions and shows, is also dedicated to the preparation of the total look of his fellow dancers and his students, drawing them also amazing clothes to show off in competitions.

During these competitions, he met the owner of an atelier that makes ball gowns, seeing his ability to design and create clothes, he was offered to work in this well-known company in southern Italy as a designer and creator, and it is there that he remained for about 12 years.

His skill attracts many customers from all over Italy, but especially from abroad. Between one ball gown and another, Ferdinand delights in making some wedding dresses. His desire for change and to create something of his own pushed him to invest everything in the opening of his Atelier, dedicating himself exclusively to wedding dresses. Thus comes to life his first collection in 2010. He refines, even more, his technique in makeup and hairdressing, thus combining his three great passions from life to Total Look.

That’s how his brides rely on him at 360 ° to be followed by the creation of the dress, make-up and hairstyle to finish. From the very beginning, Total Look conquered a large part of the Italian and international public, which allowed the Brand to grow in a short time.

This is how Ferdinand Concept was born. Ferdinand’s creations reach in a very short time a public that desires a luxury sartorial dress, unique and made with refined fabrics of the highest quality. Today Ferdinand aims at the internationalization of his brand.

Ferdinand Concept Italy’s Most Luxurious Wedding Dress Designer

Just this year Ferdinand won the award as best Italian designer at the Italy Wedding Awards, finding great success among his colleagues. Already in 2019, he had received an important recognition as the best designer in Milan, the historic city of fashion, by Cavalier Boselli, president of the Fashion Chamber.

Today Ferdinand has opened his first e-commerce that you will find online on his new website www.ferdinandconcept.it where, in addition to the vision of his collections, you can view and buy the Resort collection, The designer has created this line from Gran Soirée, a collection of evening dresses.

This is his first foray into ready-to-wear fashion and is ready to be distributed worldwide. In addition to the distribution of his brand all over the world, Ferdinand aims at the creation and care of the total look for all his new foreign clients.

His brides feel loved and pampered from the first moment they enter the atelier and are reassured by his figure as the curator of their image at 360°. Often even mothers, sisters and witnesses entrust their look to the wise advice of the stylist who makes unique all the most important women of that day. Every woman will be led in this magical and romantic journey that takes the name of Ferdinand Concept.

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